Sunday, May 29, 2016


  • As the mobile alarm went off wildly that Monday morning, my hand too went over with same tempo to switch it off that threw the piece off from the desk making me get up from my bed instantly.. 
  • Totally cursing within as I brought order around and readied myself to move to my office with so much lazy feeling usually never felt on the other days, the phone rang up invariably with the Boss at other end asking the ever known question.. "Where're you?" 
  • With a loud murmur as I dashed thru' traffic, reached my Office and was about to seat myself, I don't know from where the Superman had seen me, instantly the call on the intercom was, "Come to my Cabin!"
  • With a broad smile and unable to pretend beyond as I wished him and was about take a seat, he looked at me and said, "There's a meeting with our Client at 10 AM.. I'm unable to attend as I've my meeting with GM. Go there, take the feed back and report to me" himself fuming within at the back of his own Boss driving him mad after a cool Sunday which went on so smoothly wherein he was totally a one time Hero..
  • With a 100% obedience seen outward alone, I moved to the Client's Office reaching the place in time knowing fully well what a nasty comment would go to GM if not done so and pretended to be doubly cheerful in front of the prominent man of my work life..
  • Equally driven mad by his Boss on that Monday morning after 2 holidays including Saturday, the Client soon got into heated discussions with another Powerful Group and by bad luck, the meeting ended in a tug of war between them wherein I indirectly became a mute witness..
  • Quite tensed up, on return as I wanted to brief my Boss on the outcome of the meeting, I got a stunning instruction from his Secretary that I should resolve the latest issue myself as the Boss was not interested to become a party to that conflict..
  • I felt very bad, instantly got dejected that ultimately I alone had become a testimony for the coming up of war, felt like going home immediately and accordingly left my Office..
  • At 5 PM sharp there was a call from the Big man, “How can you go away early without informing me? I'm not happy.. Am sending my vehicle your home to pick you up.. I want to discuss with you on today's meeting with GM.. OK?"
Hearing that, as I totally lost my cool and felt miserable having passed thru' such a worst Monday in my life, a Soothing Vibrant Message was instantly felt within my heart taking out all of my blues at one stroke..
  • "You just passed thru' this day too like any other fully paid working day as your Company can truly earn and pay your salary only thru' your honest and diligent contributions with full heart without giving place to an iota of laxity quoting reasons of hangover of Sunday holiday.. Cheer up now a 100% and be ready to face tomorrow's war!"
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