Saturday, May 14, 2016


When his services were sought after an earlier plumber spoiled the connections to the washing machine, the man arrived on the scene, set right everything, successfully connected the washing machine to overhead tank and made it 100% functional.. While leaving, when thanked for the good job done, the dedicated plumber smiled and said, 
  • "I can't show any less attention to my job.. I promise for the next 10 yrs not a drop of water would leak from these connections!"
No need to say that the services of the same plumber soon were hired for a new Apartment Complex that came up in the neighborhood and he joined there. The Estate Manager was finally happy that he had with him the best plumber for an average pay and perks to resolve all the intricate problems of water supply to the flats..

Soon the best plumber of the town was into his job with all dedication and there too in no time came up a situation when heavy sand blocks developed in few of the water pipes of the 12 storied Apartment Complex bringing down the force of water supply to the Residents in their homes.

  • That day as usual the plumber opened the door on ground to the column of space thru' which all the water pipes were laid out and carefully climbed to the 5th floor level holding on to a few metallic steps all along asking his Assistant to stay on ground itself with his belongings. Sitting there, he opened up the blocked pipes, slowly and physically cleared them of all sand and after a tedious work of an hr and half finally brought them to a fit condition for reuse.
  • Having thus finished his work with all success above, he straight away headed down to the underground where the water main pipes were running and soon got lost himself replacing a few of the older pipes there..
  • In the process, a powerful jet of water let lose for a minute drenched him fully but he never deterred from that and in that wet condition alone finished all the connections and finally opened up the in-let connection to mains the next moment making all the flat Residents smile heart felt as the water started gushing thru' their pipes with great force and he too with a broad smile emerged out victorious at the end of a tedious 2 and half hrs physical work in total with water profusely dripping all over his body!
The Estate Manager who all along kept his fingers crossed on how to answer the angry calls of residents was totally relieved as his plumber finally emerged from the sump area victorious with thumbs up!

He quickly patted him on his back saying.. 
  • "Well done, my boy.. Now take this money, go and have your favorite tea along with your Assistant in our Tea Shop and soon come back!"
and thus greedily offered peanuts for the extraordinary skills exhibited by the dedicated plumber!

Exactly at that point of time alone when everything finished smooth, the plumber's mobile phone gone out loud..'Tring, Tring!'

  • "Who else is having the water problem now? We had set right the entire system for the complex.. Any how, take the call.." 
instantly said the Estate Manager a little fed up with the earlier calls of the day..
  • "It's not from our Resident!" 
said the plumber in a softer tone.. 
  • "The call is from the Company I applied for the Post of 'Water Works Supervisor.' They say that I'm thru' their Interview and got selected.. They are eager to know when I can get relieved from the present job and join them the earliest!"

(The story is in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Just when everything started looking fine, the phone rings.. [Build a story] #TringTring)


  1. Commitment and skill always pay though it may take time. Good one.

  2. Exactly, I agree with Tomichan. Well done :-) ---Techchumz

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    1. It's nice of you to say so, Ranjana.. Thanks for the good comment!

  4. Either value true skill or be prepared to let it slip through your fingers! So true!

    1. Thanks Kala.. Happy to have another clarification on the Post!

  5. True value shines eventually in this world Karma rules and rocks Thank you, friend for sharing.