Friday, May 13, 2016


As a Learner he was in the driver’s seat of his prestigious brand new car for the first time and the experienced driver was next to him with his own piece of advice.. 

“Your car is fully automated. You should handle its operations as smooth as possible!”

  • “Yes! Please  advise me on every mistake I do. Presently, I'm totally depending on you.. In fact, you alone are driving now indirectly!”
were his instant words of surrender at that point of time..

Soon on a day, he was on road by himself as a Permanent License Holder with the friend by his side. Suddenly the engine stopped on a up-hill slope. A few trials were made but it was impossible to pull out the vehicle.

  • “Please help me out. The up-coming route has few more slopes like this. I don't want to be held up in traffic” 
were his instant words of lack of confidence at that point of time..

There was a day, he was dropping a garage driver home.. 
The car had to pass through a narrow road with thick traffic around..

  • “Do help me in this stretch. I ‘ll take the wider road when I return..” 
were his instant words of request at that point of time..

The vehicle had to be parked on to the side of the road and the traffic on the road was too dense. 

  • "Sir! please get down.  I‘ll park the car for you!” 

were the instant words of the savoir parking boy at that point of time.

The car had a small breakdown in a certain Parking Area. The '24hr Help' was sought. The ‘Help’ arrived, rectified the problem and he was told that he could drive back home.

  • “Oh! Again, if it stops on the road, I’ll have a hell of a problem. I don’t believe that it will not happen again. Please drive me back home for today!”
were the instant words of fear of failure at that point of time..

Soon many, many years rolled by..

'Go for valet parking.. They take off the burden of finding the parking spot, parking the vehicle, walking from there and all that trouble. More over, it's free.. And I feel you should employ a full time driver to drive our car and relax!” 

were the instant words of advice from spouse at that point of time at a Shopping Mall..

  • “No! I may drive limited and may drive with more care because of my age but I don’t allow someone to take away driving from me. These young boys don’t know how to handle my vehicle and try to learn out of it as well as use it in a wrong way. Let me do all myself. Further having driven all these years, I ultimately know my car and none else would be knowing this vehicle better than me.. I like driving my car, I'm proud of driving it and I continue to do till mine or my vehicle's eligibility to go on road ceases!” 
were his the instant words of the ultimate built-in confidence at that point of time!


  1. Hahaha! Funny guy! Nice one sir! :)

  2. Good that he finally developed confidence at a later stage of life. Interesting read :)

  3. an uncommon and interesting post through Some common incidents Liked it a lot.

    1. Thanks Jyotirmoy.. As usual a nice comment from your end!

  4. The most beautiful thing we can wear is confidence and this incident proves this beyond doubt...

    1. Rightly said, Sunita Sriram.. It's ultimately the confidence alone that drives us in all walks of life.. Thanks for the good comment!