Monday, June 13, 2016


A man of rigid discipline in Philosophical Path in respect of his habits, behavior and thinking and a sick man with a certain disease visited an Ashram at the same time.

The Head of the Ashram welcomed both, comforted the sick man and blessed him saying, 

“You will be alright soon!” 

Subsequently, the man left happily.. The Head then turned to the man of discipline and said, 

“I can't find a cure for your disease!”

The man wondered at this and said, 

“Reverend Sir! I am perfectly healthy and there is no problem with me. I just visited you to pay my respects and get your blessings!”

The Master smiled and said, 
  • “Dear! The sick man who visited me was only physically diseased and soon he could either become better or adjust mentally to live with the disease and thus be happy.. But strangely, in your case your entire personality is diseased with your own rigid discipline.. 
  • Further, this will increase in time with a confidence by the side that ‘I am improving’ and as a contagious disease spreads by leaps and bounds among people around thus doing the never expected damage.. In this process, many feel that they are equally evolved which is nothing but the highest form of one's own self deception without one's knowledge.. 
  • Tell me, is such a condition not worse than an Epidemic? An Epidemic too may go away in time but this disease will never leave us and only strength more and more firmly with time!” 
The Master concluded, 

“Philosophy of life never expects one to get into a  rigid discipline.. As the Great Saint had said,
  • 'It is as hard as the rock but at the same time as soft as the butter!'
conveying the inherent meaning of the high flexibility of all the procedures and methods involved there in.. And ultimately, it is living a life out of one’s own right understanding at heart which forever asserts the principle..
  • ‘Contain yourself the maximum and curtail the other never!’
All these rigid disciplines here truly take one nowhere whereas all along an ordinary man at the back a certain simplicity in his/her life not bothered about these elaborate procedures would definitely be leading a nobler life; no doubt here!”

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    1. Thanks Sunaina.. A nice comment on the Post!

  2. Discipline for the sake of discipline would end up feeling like shackles. An article worth pondering on indeed!

    1. You said it again Priyanka.. The right comment here.. Thanks for the same!

  3. Discipline is necessary, but as it is said, too much of any good thing is always bad. Nice write-up as always...:-)

    1. Yes.. Maniparna! The basic discipline anywhere is part of our living.. When that goes to a level where in sticking to the discipline alone becomes important in my life and beyond that it looks as if that's all to be done, I get into an eternal trap of my own compulsions.. Thanks for the appropriate comment here!

  4. A wonderful write-up worth thinking deeply about sir...

    1. Thanks Archana.. That's nice to hear from you here.. Love the comment!