Sunday, June 19, 2016


Everything till then was so rosy and perfect people thought that the man is truly in great love and they had their own laurels for the person for being so much dedicated there in..

Suddenly developed a situation that sure needed a certain definite Sacrifice from the man ready to share the related pain, guilt and agony of the aggrieved party but unfortunately that sacrificing for such a noble cause alone held the man tight squarely directing away from that actually to be done..

Instead, another great program was put on to the anvil bringing countless number of patch works into action with great vigor but all that show didn't help a bit and the aggrieved party's pain remained the same..

Further actions of tempo too added therein with some prices fixed everywhere and every available help around sought without a single exception but all that appeared less alone before what exactly was required to be done with the Monies, Power and Status seen very much limited..

Having found no go, the aggrieved party turned to God and prayed with an open heart for a solution and instantly there was
A Great Message from the Skies
to the man who all the time was just skipping the required action..

'The simplest to do in the situation is
Love the job in front and do the related sincerely 
as that Pure Love will alone do wonders in reality..

It can stop the Oceans rolling up and down
It can scale down Mountains and rise
The Sky itself will descend on to the earth under Its influence
which when scaled down to basics is ultimately
nothing but upholding the seven qualities required from you Viz.,
Attention.. Care.. Fearlessness.. Patience..
Perseverance.. Humility.. and Cheerfulness..
And equally I have equipped you with these in
abundance for use all the time!

Let man do wonders in the world by
Controlling the Roaring Oceans,
Scaling the Mighty Mountains and
Reaching the Limits of Sky
Thru' the Innovative and Scientific Temper within
but let these Sacred Seven
be never stopped from coming out which alone
ultimately keep
The Ever Craved Human Touch in the World

The Post in line with the IndiSire requirerment Loving is not always an easy task. Love comes with it's shareof pain and guilt. Share a story or invent one where that pain is revealed in a form unimaginable, in a direction not-thought. #thatstory

Keywords: Sacrfice, Love, Sacred Seven, Human Touch, Scientific Temper


  1. Very beautiful and thought-provoking narration... loved the read :)

    1. Happy to hear such a good comment, Maitreni.. Thank you very much for the same!

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    1. Thanks Subha Rajagopal.. Happy to know that the Post is interesting and conveys the deep meaning involved.. A good comment!