Tuesday, June 28, 2016


One day Morning..

“Hi, Ramesh! I made a small Script. Can you read this and suggest me a good title?” “Why not Suresh? It’s a pleasure to help you. Let me read your script.. Done! OK, here are.. 'aaaaa, bbbbb, ccccc' titles of my choice.. Take any one!”

“Can you suggest a few more?” “OK.. Wait.. 'xxxxx, yyyyy, zzzzz'.. Yes! These are really good.. Take one of them!”

“Seems the 2nd one is good.. One minute.. I’ve got a list here.. Can you look at this once before finalizing?” “Naah! This list appears to be prepared by some Novice in the field.. Don't go for these!”

“Oh, Is it so? OK, I’ll give you a link.. Can you search on the net and suggest?” “Let me see.. (Pause).. Yes, dear! These are the few I could finally select.. They are really good!”

“This one is OK but not so good. This one.. No.. Not at all! This one.. If I give this title to my Script, I'm gone! The 4th one.. Oh.. I can't think of such titles! The 5th one.. Yaar! How can you suggest this for my....?” “Sorry.. Am not getting what you want!"

“What dear? I gave you so much info but still you are not able to suggest one good title.. Is it so difficult? OK.. Leave it.. I'll find out myself! Any way, thanks for spending your time!” “?????“

In the afternoon..

“Hi, Dinesh! I made a small Script. Can you read this and suggest me a good title?” “Why not Suresh? It’s a pleasure to help you. Let me read your script.. Done! OK, give me something. I’ll say whether it's good or not!”

“Why don’t you suggest something? I‘ll be very happy!” “Yeah! I agree.. But selection is your personal choice and I've nothing to say in that.. Once done, as a good friend I’ll confirm that. Please bring out a few, which you like the most!”

“OK! One minute.. Out of these, 'ppppp, qqqqq, rrrrr', I like….... What do you say?” "Yes! The first two are definitely good.. The 3rd one has a small wrong message..”

“Out of the two, which one you suggest?” “That’s once again your choice. For me both are good!”

“My vote is for the 1st one….” “Excellent.. Well suited.. Go ahead!”

“One minute, am seeing a 4th one here. Isn't it good? For me it appears..” “Let me see…. I see a small flaw here, but still it’s up to you to use it!”

“OK.. Let me see.. Wait.. One minute.. No.. The 2nd alone looks to me the best.. I’ll go ahead with that title.. Beautiful, isn't it?” “Yes.. Sure the right choice.. All the best dear!”

“Thanks dear! You really helped me in this selection.. Bye!” "Bye dear!"


  1. I can behave like this at times :D

    1. It happens a few times in our lives where in I feel I'm helping out my person thru' selection but whatever the truth is that it's still my selection only and the other person is bound to react to that and will never accept it a 100% unless it becomes his/her own.. Thanks for the good observation!