Wednesday, August 9, 2017


A young man was traveling in a city bus.. At a stop, a busy individual got into the bus with an on-going call on his mobile phone. He sat in front of the young man and started talking and laughing on the phone making wild hand gestures instantly attracting the attention of other passengers in the bus.

  • The talk was quite loud and continuous with bursts of laughter in between causing disturbance to others. As the bus conductor approached him for issue of the ticket, the man without stopping his talk, signaled to him on his destination and gave a Note. Murmuring within, the conductor issued the ticket and moved on.
  • The loud talk and laughter continued for 5 mts but to the astonishment of every one around all of a sudden, it changed to smiles with a lowered intensity but continued.. 
  • Another 5 mts passed thus and suddenly, every one around heard him saying ‘Hello…. Hello…. Hello….’ and it looked the party on the other side of the phone had disconnected the call..
  • The man still continued talking in himself in a further reduced tone.. Subsequently, he was found muttering within and soon was seen cursing the man who was on the phone at the other end a few minutes back.. 
  • In another 5 mts, the man's stop came up, he got down from the bus silently and slowly disappeared from the scene with his head totally bent down!
Seeing the incident the young man thought,

"If I really want to live happily in this world, it's ever my duty to see that
  • I interact exact to the requirement in a situation to the max extent possible, 
  • I carry on this interaction to the extent the other party permits with certain cool and beyond just manage the situation for the completion of work 
  • In the process, I'll take care to see that other people around me who are not a party to this action are never inconvenienced or put to trouble! 
And ultimately, this discipline alone is going to be ideal for me at any point of time in my life as in such a scenario, none can really point me out and nothing can truly affect me..
  • Of course, this discipline would never make me really happy in my life unless I ready myself to forego a few of my own assets and facilities too in a limited way to help control the above activities instead of holding on to mine.. 
Done in this way, I would be truly identifying myself with my 'Original' as is to the best of my knowledge!”

Concurring with the young man's thoughts, Slokas 23 and 24, Chapter 2 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita were heard being recited melodiously on the distant loud speakers with the meaning explained in parallel..

'Nainam chindanti sasrtani nainam dahati pavakah
nacainam kledayanty apo na sosayati marutah

achhedyo yam adahyo yam akledyo sosya evaca
nityhsarva gatah sthanur acalo yam sanatanah!'

'Weapons cannot harm, fire cannot burn, water cannot wet, wind cannot dry up the Soul..

It is (just) indestructible, incombustible, insoluble and unwitherable, eternal, all-pervading, immovable and primordial!'

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  1. Wisdom flows from your words. Hope you are dong great, Sir... :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna for the appreciation and enquiry.. I am doing good..Best Wishes!

  2. Wonderful writing sir. Someday, I wish I can bring the emotions by words like you. :)

    1. That's so nice of you to say so and thank you very much for the same. Best wishes!