Monday, June 6, 2016


  • “Whenever I want to be happy in life, I always encounter a problem. And that invariably makes me restless. I don't know why this happens to me alone in this way.. After all, life is meant to be happy. In my case, I never get a chance to be happy in my life. Destiny is just unfair to me!”
thus was lamenting a man of mid thirties sadly.. A wise elderly man by his side looked at him and said,
  • “My dear! I heard what you said and I have a word of advice here. Please tell me, who stopped you from being happy in life? I can say that you yourself are inviting your unhappiness!” 
The man became a little wild and said,
  • “Sir! How do you say that so easily? Suddenly, a problem independently comes up and I only have to give a solution there. When I can't do that, it's a real a pain!” 
The wise man smiled and said,
  • “See, Dear! Problems with us will be coming and going whether we want them or not and they in the world are always the same. In fact, the vagaries of life alone are the problems around us. In the temporary absence of these problems, my mind would be in a different plane. Instead of living my life steadily with limited enjoyments and doing my related works on hand, I most of the times, try to expand beyond to express myself unlimited.. 
  • These Circles of my expansion always encompass at a certain time with those of other Living Entities in the Universe. And that conflict alone is perceived as my problem.. 
  • The right solution here is to reduce this conflict as much as possible in my life by controlling my expansion and containing myself. And it can't be done to a zero level as my basic living itself over which as an ordinary living being I truly don't have much control too generates this conflict! 
  • Leaving this min level of conflict, rest beyond can be minimized if I'm truly disciplined.. And that discipline is nothing but balancing myself between serving and taking.. 
  • That's where activities like doing my dedicated work, taking care of family, serving in the neighborhood, helping out the needy and feeling for life around in general take prominence and through discharge of these direct/indirect responsibilities, my circles of expansion in the world are well controlled making way for true peace in my life! 

In such a scenario, the feeling that problems are a burden on me will surely come down max and giving a solution therein alone remains most of the times!”

Keywords: problem, work, responsibility, conflict, contain, destiny, happiness


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    1. Yes, Purba.. This is nothing but just pure Science alone about human nature.. Thanks for your good comment here!

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    1. That's nice of you to say so, Indu.. Like the comment a lot!

  3. Very thoughtful..Thanks for such wonderful post :)

    1. Oh! Thank you very much Neha for leaving such an appreciative comment on these pages.. Love the same!

  4. Wonderful post! Now the generation run away from problems or blames others. This post will be helpful to many.

    1. That's great for you to say so, Ranjana.. Truly the realistic observation.. Thanks for the same!

  5. Sir, this is a very insightful post and invariably people like me get perturbed and depressed whenever we are having obstacles and hurdles in life that throw us off balance.

    1. That's truly interesting to hear from you.. Yes.. You said it rightly and we many times get too much perturbed by the problems around us.. It is said that if problems were really not to be there in our life, we ourselves will go and create a problem in our life as facing silence without a burning issue in front itself becomes a monstrous problem with us.. Knowing this, it is always wisdom to go with a lighter heart with our problems of life which are mostly of routine corrections and putting out extra efforts in time and thus be a problem solver most of the times except when plagued by the major ones.. Thanks for such an open comment here!