Sunday, June 4, 2017


Once, 3 Great Democratic Leaders of the world met at a Summit for certain economic deliberations. After the Program they had their own personal talk. One of them said,
  • “In our system, almost all people follow the rules with a very few on finger tips only breaking them. That never affects the main stream because the little damage done by these few rule breakers is well compensated through the hefty fines levied on them and the timely contributions made by the rule followers. Here all are happy and our monies are never in short supply.. 
Thus seen, we have an 'Ever Balanced Democracy' with us!”
  • “It's little different in our case. We have some countable number of rule breakers around us however vigilant and active our questioning mechanism may be. Of these, approximately half are caught and are made to compensate moderately for the rule breaking thru' good fine collections and the rule followers compensate for the balance of the losses encountered. Thus in our system too the main activities are smooth, all are happy and the monies are mostly never in short supply.. 
Thus seen, we have a 'Reasonably Practical Democracy' with us!”

said the 2nd Leader.. The 3rd one smiled and said,

  • “Ours is totally a different system. Here, the rule followers more than half of our population forever just follow the rules without a say. Out of the remaining, some will not follow majority of rules but all the damage done in that context is smartly put on the remaining who can do nothing in opposing there and equally cannot compensate for the losses encountered as they cannot be levied hefty fines with their individual contributions being not high.
  • Thus in our system, the rule followers alone forever struggle to compensate for all that wrong done in the system but none would protest at any time as many attribute it that to their fate and thus leave it. A few who do that, are ever under supervision of the ruler and thus they do it in vain as they sure in time fail in their attempt. Thus in our system the major wrong done is never questioned and all are happy in spite of the money being in short supply with max of that remaining intact with the rulers.. 
Thus seen, we have a 'Never Answerable Democracy' with us!”

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