Saturday, June 11, 2016


"I may be a little well off not like the rich and the Super rich, you know.. But just because of this, I constantly see a greedy man around me.. Truly a greedy man who would never leave me in my life ever trying to take max out of me by hook or crook with no consideration at all for my feelings!

I go to a Restaurant.. Naturally when I have a car, I got to park it.. I've to tip the man who takes care of my car.. Not a small amount.. He straight away expects.... as mine is the latest model of....

  • The No One greedy man in front of me! 

OK, I finish my dinner and as usual I have to tip.. It's not small; almost 10% of the bill..
  • The well known greedy man next to me! 
I stop my vehicle near any small shop, seeing me getting down from my car, the small trader in no time jacks up his prices instantly..
  • The very familiar greedy man with me! 
I engage a man to drive my car but that man is no less and expects lots of extras..
  • The never leaving greedy man by my side! 
I take a small physical help, the man expects a hefty amount from me just because I'm a little well off..
  • A ever seen greedy man around me!
Everywhere this greedy man appears, there's no place he is not seen, never he leaves me and if I'm careless, he just eats me out.. Wants more, more and more.. And ultimately, I alone have to pay all that!"

thus I was musing for days endless when that night after my hectic day schedules, when I returned home, to my dismay I suddenly found my wallet missing! 

There was quite a bit of money in that along with a few debit and credit cards, the codes for my 2 accounts, a few checks and some imp paper slips.. The whole thing had gone at one stroke and I couldn't recollect anything in that context!

"Yes.. It's the ultimate work of the greedy man alone in disguise of this smart guy who had picked my pocket and done the max damage!"

I was fuming within..

The next day, my landline phone had gone wild and as I picked it up, a shop man informed me that a rag picker found my wallet on road in the early morning hrs when he was on his routine and gave it in their shop as he could not do much in tracing the Owner.. The wallet had Rs...... as cash, ATM and Credit Cards and few Papers and everything appeared to be intact along with my phone number!

"That's so nice of the boy who picked it up.. Hat's off to his honesty.. He truly saved me from loss and a big trouble!"

thinking thus I was instantly elated.. But, the next moment it struck me..

"No..No..No.. Wait.. That's nothing.. Here, the boy had done much more to me.. Yes.. I understand that.. He straight away opened my eyes and made me see good in everyone and never think of the bad hitherto I used imagine with an unlimited greed to rob me at the earliest!"

Thus, the all familiar greedy man I encountered 'n' number of times in my life till then had once for all packed his bags and left from my cleansed up thinking promising never to return and then I never saw him again!

(The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire prompt Write a story ending with ".... and then I never saw him/her again." #MyStory)

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    1. Thanks Jyotirmoy.. That's nice for you to say so.. Thanks for share on G+ too!

  2. First impression should not always be the last impression, isnt it?

    1. Rightly said Anupama.. That's how my powerful ignorance misguides me to the point when a single incident opens up my eyes and I start seeing the world from a different angle.. Thanks for a good observation here!

  3. You have given food for thought.

  4. Glad the change followed a beautiful story.