Thursday, June 9, 2016


The young man got his appointment into the highly skilled job after a brief stay at home soon after his graduation..

“Means I'm really capable.. No more sitting at home and doing home management.. That work my younger bro can do.. I'll get into my ever loved profession with all dedication and get laurels there!” 

were the then his thoughts.. Years rolled by.. And he was the Group-in-Charge..

Means I'm really capable.. No more doing of this one job except hopping onto essentials here and there.. That work my Juniors can do.. I better do the job of guiding them!” 

were the then his thoughts.. Time moved on.. And he was into the Manager's Role in the next Company..

Means I'm really capable.. No more sitting with my Juniors.. That work my Assistants can do.. I better take up the Management of activities around!”

were the then his thoughts.. Time never stopped.. And he was promoted as Team Lead..

Means I'm really capable.. No more day to day follow up with my Working Group.. That work my Managers can do.. I’ll just catch up the latest in the field, do the over all Group Management and concentrate more on the delivery schedules!”

were the then his thoughts.. Some more years passed.. And he was the Departmental Head..

Means I'm really capable.. No more doing my earlier job.. That work my Sub-ordinates can do.. Enough learning! Got to concentrate on discipline and manpower management in my department and answer on figures everywhere!”

were the then his thoughts.. 2 years passed.. And he was the General Manager of a newly formed Company..

Means I'm really capable.. No more doing these departmental works.. That work my dept heads can do.. I've only one work now in my Company.. What Profits I have brought to this Company as the GM.. That's all!” 

were the then his thoughts.. Next 5 years passed.. And he retired, streamlined all the pending issues at home and was totally at ease.. 

"Means I'm less capable now.. No more managing the complicated financial issues except living thru'.. My children are well settled with good jobs and family responsibilities and they can take over these.. I'll join some devotional programs and thus spend my retired life happily simultaneously helping out the needy and the sick around!"

were not the then his thoughts and instead strangely

“I've made this fortune all by myself.. My wealth had grown beyond expected.. Every pie of it is out of my hard work alone..This whole is mine, continues to be mine and I'll take every care of it and thus work continuously to safeguard it.. I don't want to hand over this responsibility to any one in my family!”

were only the ever firm thoughts in his mind!

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  1. Decisions change with time and it's difficult for common people to get rid of mortal attachments... nicely narrated, Sir... :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna.. Very rightly confirmed again the subject message!

  2. Very well said sir... alas people can't get rid of some stuff.... :(

    1. Yes Archana..It happens often in our lives.. A realistic living plan alone is a true solution here.. Viz.. 'I need money to live, definitely sizable to lead a good life for a longer life span but anything beyond with me has to reasonably reach the right recipients of that monies after me for their timely growth and welfare!' Such a balanced right decision alone is the one that will be listened to by each and every one.. Rest are always inferior here like either giving away everything or keeping everything intact with the self .. This alone a true dignified life for me at fag end and equally I did the same through out my work life like handing over the earlier works/responsibilites with me in stages.. Thanks for the nice comment here! And thanks for share on G+ too!