Tuesday, June 21, 2016


  • The Lord keeps His Entire Creation readied for me and tries waking me up thru' warm sun rays in the morning hrs of the day..
I totally forget this and keep my window curtains pulled in so that I'm not disturbed by the bright sun light and can sleep more!
  • His Creation forever is dearer to Him.. 
I simply forget this and begin my day expanding beyond that sure hurts His Creation! 
  • He created work for me for the day for my well-being.. 
I just forget this and feel that I am forced to run for work daily!
  • Every inch of His Make in the Universe starts supporting me in the day.. 
I sure forget this and think that my monies, name and fame alone are behind that! 
  • He alone is the Originator of all Skills of the Universe.. 
I 100% forget this and feel that my skill alone is doing the wonders at my work! 
  • He expects me to forgive others in my interactions of the day.. 
I no doubt forget this and instantly hate all those people who try to come in my way!
  • He has given me a certain capacity to help myself as well as help others to the extent possible..
I invariably forget this and use the entire capacity to expand myself making it zero for my next man! 
  • He said, 'I am with you all the time through an Ardent Faith in you; nothing more is to be done here from your side!'
Knowingly well too, I forget this and often get into the elaborate Rituals of Worshiping Him without an exception!  
  • He alone saved me all the time myself just doing my part of work therein.. 
I in no time forget this and feel proud of my attention and care having done the best job there! 
  • At the end of the day, there is a chance for me to repent for all the wrong done and ready myself not to repeat it the next day.. 
Alas! Here too, I feel proud of what all I had done for the day and plan my next day with double vigor on similar lines! 

Keywords: God, repent, Creation


  1. Lovely thoughts woven into eloquent words !!!!

  2. If being a believer in Almighty helps someone to become a better being with respect to the societal norms, that believer would be the one for whom I will have my sincere respect and adulation. A well written post.

    1. Thanks Pranju.. Love the comment.. Your insight into the subject is truly great!

  3. This was such a satire !! Very well written sir. Yojr posts are always very close to our life.

    1. Thanks Shraddha.. That's truly an appreciative comment from young Bloggers like you.. Please be reading my Posts further and your comments there are highly welcome!

  4. Quite a satire... very beautifully woven :)

    1. Thanks Maitreni.. Your comment is highly welcome here.. God Bless!

  5. Your writing are really inspiring

    1. That's so nice of you to say so, Mansi.. Thanks for the appreciative comment here.. And thanks too for share of the Post on G+!

  6. Your writing are really inspiring