Sunday, July 3, 2016


On the face of it, it may be just a 
piece of paper 
but in reality the money with us is a store of deep faith we kept which quickly evaluates the 
relative values of goods and services around us 
keeping us away from the monotonous calculations of
primitive barter exchange! 

If the same 
money disappeared
 in front of our eyes, the grip on this deep faith kept in the Ruling too will disappear simultaneously leading to the case of a similar faith lost in the
then Ruling of the Historical Times of Hyperinflation
where the Notes in abundance might have been there but the faith just got lost with 
People buying bread for the entire month on the first day of the month carrying their bloated number of Notes to the shops in wheel borrows
The price of a cup of coffee varying very much from the moment one would enter the Restaurant to the point the final bill was paid making people drink their coffee faster to get a lower bill! 

In a similar scenario, there would be a 
scramble for essentials 
non essentials lying on the road
and the scramble leads to stampedes and violence with the might ruling instantly and continuously till a certain min order is restored thru'
the promises of people in seat of power 
which again may not work so easily in such a scenario with all other modern gadgetry or mechanisms hitherto done a great job becoming equally redundant as the 
basic economic equations of 
production and consumption of 
goods and services 
totally go off the records without an exception! 

Thus seen the 
Sacred Money in Circulation around

with the deep faith of every one of us written down on a special piece of paper equally along with our strengths and weakness in work environment too truly recorded and kept in safe store,
is None but 
Our Ever Worshiped Goddess Lakshmi 
who truly Blesses us with a hassle free smooth living for a life time!

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  1. And so does the money which is valuable to us becomes a necessity to us becomes unwanted papers which can't even value for the double the price at barter system.

    1. Yes.. Pranju.. The paper money is nothing but the instant scale of valuation of goods and services around readily available with us to make a transaction.. If that medium of exchange is missing, valuations in terms of what and possessing the same becomes a huge problem.. Our money with us takes out this burden and makes our life smooth everywhere.. Thanks for the good comment here!

  2. Another thought provoking article!

  3. A very thought provoking post. It was great reading it, Sir.

    1. That's nice to hear from you Purba.. A good comment here.. Thanks for the same!