Friday, July 1, 2016

'All along I believed that the world was against me till the day forgiving the man in conflict instantly made me realize that I alone was against the world in not performing a duty of mine there!'

King Shishupala, the permanent hater of Lord Krishna constantly used to insult the Lord but Lord Krishna all along was conveying..

“I had promised his mother that he can do 100 mistakes in respect of me. The 100th mistake is not yet complete and still he has a chance of improving himself thru' a correction. Till then, let there be no place for anything other than forgiveness alone from my side!"

As King Shishupala completed the 100th mistake, the Lord ended him and restored peace again conveying the Message that..

Our Timely Actions should never be by-passed at the back of overflowing sympathy towards the wrong doer!

After completing 12+1 yrs of exile life, the Pandava King Dharmaraja sent Lord Krishna as the Ambassador to the then Kaurava Court asking their share in the kingdom which the Kurava Chief Duryodhana instantly refused. Lord Krishna conveyed the further Message of King Dharmaraja that..

If Duryodhana could give back at least 5 Towns, he would happily accept that peace deal there by conveying his deep feeling of readiness to forgive his brother's all the earlier evil deeds!

The Great Man disowned his son in front of his followers when he came to know that his son voluntarily embraced a path opposite to what the Great man followed but said,

"In case my son comes back and repents for the mistakes done by him, I would forgive him wholeheartedly and call him my son once again!"

Through these Stories, a message is conveyed that definitely it is a duty with me not to give back instantly when actions of people become unacceptable to me and at times causing a little hindrance too to my personal life. This quality of forgiving has a true support in all walks of life because of 2 reasons Viz.,

Every one should be given a fair chance of correcting for the mistakes he/she has done..

I too may commit/be committing similar mistakes unconsciously which may be covered up by certain influences I exert around or by my clever management..

Of course, simultaneously never sidelining the important issues through the easy path of forgiving out of fear or laxity and equally taking care of them from being influenced by the coming up possible mistakes from the person being forgiven!


  1. Well written Sir. However, it does become a little difficult at times to forget. Forgive yes, but forget? Well, we have to try though!

    1. Yes.. You said it right Priyanka..But if we see in depth, forgiving in total is nothing but taking it out from our mind instantly where in the remembrance may be at the back but it never troubles us and in fact helps us understand that we helped the man in the best possible way.. Thanks for bringing out the timely point of discussion!

  2. It was a very nice read sir. Liked all the analogies used in the post.


    1. Thanks Prakash.. A nice appreciative comment on the Post!

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    1. The Prompt is truly a great one and thank you Sunaina for bringing out the right Topic for Indispire.. And equally thanks for your appreciative comment on the Post!

  4. Wow!!! Very well written... Thanks for sharing.....


  5. Yes, one should be given chance to correct mistakes. But at the same time forgiving every time is also not good. I think it depends on the severity of the mistakes which can be punishable or can be forgettable leading to forgiveness... Very nice post indeed Sir... :-)

    1. I'll clarify this point, Ashish.. As long as my self is a fact with me, a certain level of self protection becomes a duty of mine and upholding that duty squarely sure comes in the way of forgiving.. Thus forgiving depends on the level of my elevation in my life and that fact should never be overlooked and right action plan should be implemented.. Hope I made the point clear here.. Thanks for raising the very appropriate point of discussion!