Sunday, July 17, 2016


It was the morning hrs of office life and the routine started in no time.. 
  • "Again late? This is the final warning.. And if you don't discipline yourself........." 
  • "You made a mess here.. Need to put in the right effort dear, with good dedication else........" 
  • "The Client Meeting starts at 1100 hrs and you are still here.. If he takes up the issue seriously......" 
  • "I see those 2 boys of your group gossiping endlessly.. Why are you allowing this in active working hrs?" 
  • "We are in the middle of tight deliveries to our Customer and you want leave now? Sorry.. I can't sanction this!" 
  • "Tomorrow may be Sunday but looking at the pending work...... Have plans of working half day tomorrow!" 
Thank God.. Finally, I was out of such an Office at 0600 PM and silently got into my cab with almost a sinking feeling in my heart for having faced such a bad day of unending preaching, indirect scoldings and pointing out every sec!

As my mind was thus going thru' a certain disturbance, my inner voice was seen softly reminding me within.. 
  • The driver of your morning taxi was in time to pick you up even though you were not ready, transported you faster and thus helped you out begin your work..
  • The Boy kept your favorite hot cup of morning tea on your table ready the moment you arrived so that you could invigorate yourself by sipping it and start your work.. 
  • The Lift Attendant kept the door open seeing you running to reach the Client's Office on 10th Floor in time.. 
  • The Serving Personnel served you hot delicacies for your lunch appeasing your taste buds making you well satisfied which indirectly helped you to do the afternoon work better.. 
  • The Courier Boy delivered in time all that important mail you were eagerly awaiting for thus keeping you very much at ease at your work.. 
How come you coolly sideline all such 'Superheroes In Disguise' around you who truly helped you with such an elegance and dedication for the whole day yourself not doing your bit at your work with dedication and instead start pitying yourself?

Suddenly the cab driver was heard answering a phone call.. 
  • "Yes.. I'm into my work from 6 AM..... Here overtime is inevitable and sometimes holidays too are not exempted as my Passengers ever need my Service........" 
Instantly there was a great calmness in me and the next moment a very cheerful smile appeared on my face..

"Thank you My 'Superheroes In Disguise'.. You truly opened my I eyes and I now understand that you truly made my day here.. 

I promise that from now on wards, I'll do my job with total sincerity and truly contribute at my work the max thru' the right value addition without a single remorse expression coming out from my side!" 

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  1. Oh wow Sreedhar!yes there are superheroes in every nook,making our lives easier!Thanks for reminding us that!

    1. That's a great appreciation Sara and thanks a lot for the same.. Yes.. You truly reconfirmed my message of the Post!