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The story that very much reminds me of the above message goes thus..

A man of mid thirties was doing well in his life with a good family, a decent job, by God’s Grace reasonable good health and handful of finances by the side. He was thus a happy and contented man in the situation and days were passing thus.

On a fateful day, suddenly a very threatening thought entered his mind.

'What would happen to me if I am suddenly cornered in my life and due to that my present comfort and happiness are put to stake?' 

And unfortunately, he was caught by the force of that thought beyond a point where an 'unknown fear' gripped him in a short time. That 'fear' soon compounded within and started constantly reminding him,

'Be careful and watchful. Something going wrong may squarely create a havoc in your life!'

And that had just gone so deep into his personality that he constantly feared venturing even normal day to day activities and started praying to God the max!

That day morning he took out the car and started moving towards his office..

  • On the road done 2-3 mistakes.. Got enough banging and warnings..
  • At Office.. Got a few mobile calls from unknown numbers but was too much afraid to take the calls from unidentified people..
  • At lunch hr, few personal papers were signed in haste but soon a big worry followed for the correctness of the activity done..
  • Later, some amount of cash had to be handled in the Office.. The inside tension almost brought the process to a halt which attitude brought out enough preachings from the Boss.. 
Soon it was 3 PM Tea Break and by that time the man was almost half dead!

Exactly, at that point of time alone a 'Unique Question' came up in him and it was really 'A Miracle' of his life.

'Is living like this, worth for a man of my stature?'

And that truly was a 'Turning Point' in his life at that point of time and the same sure had done its own immense good. Instantly, there was totally a 'New Energy' in him which straight away asserted,

'Don’t run away here. Simply face it!'

That's all..

  • The further money handling issues were closed smoothly.. 
  • The personal papers were checked and signed; that means 'everything is OK!' was the firm conviction that followed.. 
  • The pestering mobile calls were straight away taken and answered with such a firmness that the callers at the other end might have decided to think twice before calling on any number in future.. 
  • Evening.. Coming back home was truly pleasant followed by perfect driving pushing through the dense traffic like a hero at the back of giving out a few advices on driving.. 
And when he entered home, to his surprise he found himself 'Whistling' aloud without his own knowledge. And suddenly there was a question in him, 

'Why have I missed this 'Whistling' all these days?' 

The Almighty smiled from Above..

“This Inner Strength is a Gift from Me to everyone on the Earth. Those who, the earliest see it in themselves truly live a life 'Full of Worth' and who do not see that and plead for Consideration and Support from Me sure do it in vain; doubtless to Say!”

And my understanding here is..

'I've to live this life to the best of abilities known to me.. I'll try to live by upholding the Truth as much possible and where my senses take over me thru' their powerful hold on me, I just live thru' that situation and the earliest moment a certain stability comes back, once again I take shelter under Truth and thus live thru' this one life with all firmness!'

I strongly feel that whatever be the situation, my secret super power is going to be ultimately sticking to such discipline in my life instead of escaping at the earliest opportunity!

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  1. This post has so deep and yet an everyday message in it...Thanks for the share

  2. We must believe in ourselves and have that much-needed confidence to 'whistle' aloud..:-)

    Great message conveyed... :-)

    1. You said it very much right.... Thank you for posting a nice comment!

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    1. Oh! So nice of you.... Thank you very much.... I sure look into it!

  4. Very nice post. It has the learning for every reader.

  5. Lovely article ..something I can relate to

    1. Thank you very much for the appreciative comment on the Post!