Friday, July 22, 2016


Two young men were in a train full of passengers.. As the train moved, one thought,
  • "All along, I believed my people and believed beyond in that context.. There alone I erred and that's it.. I'm squarely shown the way out mercilessly.. 
That way seen I'm lonely in this world and continue to be lonely through out my life!"

And the other thought..

  • "All along, I believed my people but believed with care.. No doubt, there's good and bad everywhere and it happened but I got to live with all that doing my duty correctly as long as I'm on this earth.. When this ends, I've to leave all and myself singly have to go from this world.. 
That way seen, I'm alone in this world and continue to be alone through out my life!"

Thus each felt different sitting amidst so many passengers around.. In time the train stopped, they both got off and the train continued it's further course of journey with the two young men's thoughts too continuing with them in the direction of the initial propulsion.. Soon the first one firmed up,

  • “I don't want this kind of nuisance for the rest of my life with problem people around. Better I be off from the scene and make my life in a different direction with new set of people!" 
And equally the second one asserted in himself,
  • “There's a task in front of me and the Almighty is watching how I handle it. I‘ll do the right here whatever be the resistance and stand to the Truth and thus take care of my people with full attention!” 
No doubt in both cases, a certain emptiness continued with them they being ordinary human beings on this earth but in the 2nd instance, the personality was truly tuned to rise and stand to the exigencies which demanded sure certain sacrifices in the situation and thus the 2nd young man firmed up to take care of those with him and see that none suffered in the process making the Saying..
  • 'Great Power comes with Greater Responsibility!' 
a Sure Reality! 

Seen thus, all human beings forever do need some one in their life often to enquire on their welfare and well-being but the story of that bond never ends there as in real tough times it equally demands a greater responsibility and expects the affected be well taken care of.. 

And unless I'm prepared for this level of sacrifice, the never exist in isolation bond may just exist by my side for name sake as it would forever be a weak one there never steered / prepared to meet the real toughness of life!

This Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Human beings need someone in their life. Atleast a person to ask occasionally, how one feels now. What's your say on it?#Neverexistinisolation

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  1. Profound thoughts in simple words.... :-)

    1. Oh.. Happy to hear such an appreciation from Great Bloggers like you Maniparna.. Thanks a lot!

  2. Yes, well said. Companionship is two-sided. It demands a certain level of care from both sides or else it is doomed. There is sacrifice in every relationship as care survives not when met with indifference.

    1. The right analysis of the message conveyed thru' the Post, Sunaina.. Thanks for taking time to pen down the valuable thoughts of yours on the Post!