Wednesday, July 20, 2016


A well-to-do man was inspired by the Great Idea and soon firmed up, “From tomorrow, I'm going to lead a 'Simple Life' as advised by the Great People. No go back on this!" 

And having decided thus, the man quickly gave few fake reasons to his family and friends and soon implemented living his simple life by

Keeping off more time from the close friends' circles where the usual talks used to be on pomp and show off,
Stop moving around the places of well-to-do circles, 
Not visiting places of luxury and high ended enjoyments,
Refraining from purchase of show and luxury items and 
Disciplining himself with leading a lower life style and limiting his involvement everywhere all along pondering over Noble Thoughts! 

His family, well-wishers and close friends quickly noticed the change but couldn't say anything immediately as the man still used to join them and attend to his duties.. And life moved on thus for a while.. 

On a day during the visit of an elderly well-wisher, the man proudly narrated all that he was doing in respect of simplicity he adapted. The elderly smiled and said, "Dear! The No one discipline in adapting a simple life is not to get away from the life which you are into presently even a bit..

You should thus be in your own area with your own people the max time devotedly attending to all the ordained duties with you with full devotion.. 
You should never abruptly leave your circles but continue to be with them all along never carried away by the pomp and show around you with a simple attitude of smile and leave! 
As you do thus, slowly your inner intentions spread all round and the people around you get transformed to a certain extent to support you in your activities.. Having seen the change, you should try introducing new activities there where in the attention of all will divert towards higher plane of life.. 
Simultaneously, you should try to add extra members for certain activities around you and support them reasonably by obtaining suitable work from them.. 
And finally to say, you should equally try to take care of the less privileged out of your wealth through certain donations and charity.. 

Thus seen, the Philosophy of Simple Living in no time gets transformed into a Practical Life of myself being truly useful to the people around me for their betterment.. And such a well lead life alone is often advocated by the Great Personalities of the world as Simple Life and nothing less of it at any time.. And here..

What you are presently leading is not the 
'Noble Simple Life' 
but the ever interested 
'Selfish lonely life'
seen from any corner!”


  1. A very nice post. We often confuse a simple life with a lonely and secluded life.

    1. Rightly said Purba..True Simplicity is forever heartfelt interactions alone without interfering in the life of others.. Thanks for the good comment here!

  2. Thought provoking post. Simple life doesn't mean lonely. Never.

    1. Yes Nisha, never a lone life.. We as humans should live thru' various interactions in our life, share the difficulties of others in whatever way possible and thus be humble all along.. That life alone teaches us the right and it is truly the simple life.. Thanks for a nice comment here!

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    1. Thanks Kala.. A nice appreciation on the Post.. Happy to know that my Blogger friends liked it!

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    1. That's nice of you to say so, Dipanwita.. Truly an appreciation on these Pages!