Sunday, July 31, 2016


With honey laced words from few quarters the Preface sang it's own sweetest song..
"No great wrong.. Just a nice way of life!" 

With extras seen soon, a few more musings rolled over the Pages effortlessly extending the singing.. 
"Without these, life's really meaningless!" 

As the extras started asserting, the firmed up thoughts over a period did the work of briskly moving more Pages capturing the attention of 2 lines all along, 
"Things around move fast with glow unending.. Really great!" 

That firmed up beyond over few years, the single aim set in finished off half of the Book totally getting lost to the contents.. 
"Let me live a King's size life!" 

Continuing thus for some years and gone beyond, the then pride finished almost the Volume dancing to the tune of viciousness of every word there in.. 
"Nonsense.. How can I leave all this? Forget about wrong and all that preaching stuff.. I'm the real King here!" 

And finally when squarely cornered for all the wrongs done, the Epilogue wept copiously repenting endlessly..
“God, what'll happen now? I'm squarely caught up in this vicious circle.. Why did I at all enter this unethical path?" 
with an ultimate breakdown feeling..
"It's too late now to do anything.. Am totally a lost man in my life!" 


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