Friday, August 5, 2016


I was tired beyond. I had to struggle day and night for maintaining the minimum required in the situation in front. I had to arrange for many things. The Function had to go on well without a single setback.
  • Next day morning at 0530 hrs I got up, got ready and kept the required cash, a few valuables and important documents in a small brief case and moved on to the near by Market to buy a few left out items. The plan was to buy the final items quickly, move on to the Function Spot reaching there by 10 AM sharp.
  • As I was buying the requirements, I found too many people and a lot of push and pull around.
  • Suddenly I noticed that the brief case in my hand was snatched away at one stroke. Got stunned, I instantly stood there motionless and a few noticed my uneasiness but as the crowd was swelling, they couldn't help much. 
  • I instantly reached for my phone but found that too lost and further my wallet with driving license, car registration, cash in purse, a few checks etc too taken away. The trickster very quickly played the most cruel game on me.
  • I had no phone to talk, all phone contacts lost, documents gone and thus not able to do anything quickly moved towards my car. And when I reached the place to my dismay, I found my car removed from the area.
  • Some one was commenting, “You parked the Car in a wrong place. They removed the vehicle. You have to go to…………”
  • I was totally at my wits end. Nothing could be done instantly. The 'Whole Life' appeared lost once for all. I started weeping within out of total desperation!
Suddenly I woke up from my deep sleep and in few minutes found myself on my bed intact with nothing happened. Oh.. Yes.. It was just a bad dream only and the Function could go on with all vigor as planned.. But that seemed to be not the end to my the then thought stream..
  • Yes..The dream had truly made me think beyond for a while.. What's the point in feeling that all this I myself will do to perfection when anything can happen at any moment? Truly speaking, I'm not at all the doer here.. There's just a duty in front of me, I'm doing that job to the core and more than that I needn't and shouldn't own anything here..
  • No doubt, it's not easy and many times not all that easy.. Sure, I'll be taken over by the feeling of ownership unknowingly even though I determine 100% today to do that way..
  • But still seen from any angle, trying my best in this line as much as possible and further be doing that as much as possible alone appeared to be the right way of living in my life!
With that firmness in my mind, I instantly became light in my mind and moved on for further works with full vigor!

That being the life with me, I've my own single assertion here.. 
If I were the writer of my own story - My Life.. 

It'll forever be the same God had given so far and will continue to be that He kept in store for me all along myself trying to accommodate everywhere and be doing the required to the best of my knowledge and abilities! 
This Post is written in line with the Prompt If you were the writer of your own story - Your Life. How would you have altered it? #choice

Keywords: Duty, Whole life


  1. last line made things some more interesting

  2. As it has been said in the Srimadbhagwad Gita, we should do our duties and shouldn't expect the fruit of it.

    1. Rightly said, Maniparna.. The right assertion here.. Thanks for the same!

  3. The most engaging part was the dream itself. Was expecting something about how you managed it and how you would have liked that it did not happen on the lines of the prompt.

    1. Yes, Rajeev.. It's just the imaginary concept and in that spirit alone the Post had been written with no expected alteration.. Thanks for the point mentioned!