Friday, August 26, 2016


I am the certain Intuition within 
which constantly propels me with a great zeal to investigate thru' experimentation and find out itself in Original 
in spite of the dampening effect of my past deeds acting thru' the craving for pleasantries by the side thus 
resulting in a continuous tug of war where in 
the spirit of Investigation would never stop and further push 
the level of my Intuition rise progressively 
simultaneously establishing a certain peace accrued in the process which again incessantly tries to dilute the dampening effect of the craving for pleasantries 
at the back of the never failing zeal through which process alone ultimately my Intuition (me) merges with the Original finding itself(myself) no different there 
with 100% Peace established within! 

Keywords: Intution , Original, Investigating, Experimentation


  1. I am an intuition that investigates, that makes mistakes, that learns, that constantly endeavors to establish harmony within.....I hope I understood this correctly although it was a bit tough to understand....But I liked the idea.

    1. You said it very much rightly Sunaina.. But I like to add a tail piece there.. An important one.. Viz., One's Intuition many times ends up trying to establish harmony within thru' believing the false which is nothing but one's own craving for pleasantries.. In the process, he/she may temporarily see the false harmony and based on that they firm up that he/she is living the right life till the Truth knocks and wakes up from the confusion.. In that situation, one tries to catch an immediate pleasantry next to him/her which looks again truly assuring.. Thus goes our life forever oscillating between the pleasure and the pain..

      That way seen, the pleasantries are a block for one's progress in this line of true elevation but since man cannot do much there, the only way in front of us is to do the dharma assigned to us to the best of our abilities and try offering the results to the Almighty instead of owning that which once again will be misguided by the pleasantries around..

      Thus goes the life of ours on the Earth endless each one trying his/her best to elevate himself/herself endlessly but ending up in stagnation till one comes to senses..

      A nice comment here on the Post from well known bloggers like you.. Thank you for the same and best wishes!

    2. Thank you so much Sreedhar Sir for explaining this....Yes, we run from one thing to the other, craving ceaselessly....I will remember these words of yours so that I can at least try to find some harmony, true harmony within.

  2. Thank you Jyotirmoy and Pranju for promoting the Post G+!