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'A few years back, the daughter was returning to her place with the Little One of 2 yrs.. On the way to Airport, the family members stopped at a Restaurant to have their snacks and tea.. The Little One was having his favorite Pizza with his grand mom by the side conversing..

“Dear, you are going away now.. I'm sad.. Nobody is with me hereafter!”

she said.. At that time, a man passed by in front of them busily talking on his cell phone..

The child suddenly exclaimed in his broken words, "1 Body!” And 2 minutes passed, another man passed in front of them and the boy said aloud.. “2 Body!”

The child looked around and many were seen moving around in distance.. He with a broken accent so nicely started telling.. "3 Body".."4 Body".."5 Body"......."10 Body"... and finally ended saying.."Many Body!"

Listening to his sweet broken words delivered without a stop, every one around burst into a loud laughter for a while forgetting the departure strain lurking in their minds at that point of time!'

But the Little Boy of the story now 4+ came and made me complete it thru his unexplained but truth based words and present it to Blogadda WOW Challenge thus..

'When the boy asked the grandma where her mom was, she covering up the sensitive issue of the talk said,

"Oh! Dear.. My mom had become a star up in the sky never to return, never to talk and never reachable!"

Hearing all that, the boy suddenly said, 

"Oh! Is she dead?"

Such a funny little kid too made his grand mom angry when he started showing his adamant behaviour to leave the house from few days before his departure in between crying.. Finally, the grand mom had to use her age old trick..

"Hi! This's my house.. My own house.. Pack and go away to your house.. You can't behave as you like in my house.. Understand?"

The Little One instantly spoke aloud equally asserting..

"Hi! You can't say that.. This house belongs to every body of our family.. All can live in this.. And me too.. I'm not going anywhere.. I'll tare off my ticket and my boarding pass!"

All around burst into a loud laughter 
for a while forgetting the departure strain lurking in their minds at that point of time!'

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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