Wednesday, August 17, 2016


It was the cool weekend evening..

  • Somewhere in certain part of the world where civic discipline and cleanliness in public are practiced to the core, a family of 4 were casually moving around a busy Mall area munching a few evening snacks as they walked bought in their own takeaways. 

  • Suddenly, the plastic cover of one of the glasses which a member was carrying fell off to the ground in the mid of the clean path. Even though noticed instantly, the member pretended as if he had not seen it to avoid picking it and disposing off and thus walked ahead continuing his chit chatting. 
A few people passed by..
  • Some crossed the spot unmindful of that even though they noticed it, 
  • A few had not seen the item as they were too busy and 
  • Others who had seen it and expected it to be disposed felt that it be picked by the right person, the Janitor of that area!

Just then a family walking around passed that way. . The parents with 2 smart kids..
  • The baby in the pram was totally blissful in communication with the Nature around seeing the colors of evening twilight and passing clouds in the sky, feeling the cool breeze and listening to the chirruping of the birds thus feeling the Oneness with his own grasping power and tiny movements in the pram. 

  • And the elder, a little smart girl was happily pushing the pram along with her mother as the parents busily discussed the future plans of the 2 kids. 
Suddenly, the small girl noticed the scrap piece in her path!
  • Instantly she picked it up with one hand, leaving the pram for a moment quickly walked to the side and coolly dropped the item in the garbage bin and majestically walked back once again to the pram simultaneously observing around with her own unexplained happiness! 

  • The parents continued their busy talk as they walked ahead totally not knowing the momentary happening. In no time, the place looked clean and neat of course, radiating with an extra cleanliness right through the actions of the little girl! 
God Smiled from above..
  • "The Noblest Job on this Earth.. My Little Angel could do it just in time with such an ease!”
Keywords: noblest job, unforgettable moment, little angel, clean and neat


  1. So sweet....some are prone to talking and some to doing the deed that needs to be done....

    1. Thanks Sunaina.. To say it exact, the story is based on one of the incidents I witnessed during my travel abroad.. A nice appreciative comment here!

  2. Lovely and sweet story.

    Sriram & Krithiga

    1. Thanks Sriram and Krithiga for the appreciation!

  3. So nice, so inspiring, so touching ! Hearty thanks for sharing Sir.

    1. That's so nice of you to say so, Jitendra.. Love your comment and thanks for the same!