Monday, August 15, 2016


When the Master was not pleased with the rose given by his Servant in the morning hrs, the Servant had only one worry with him.."Which rose type makes my Master happy?" without a question, "Where's the need to give him the rose daily?"

When the Great Statesman freed slaves eternally saying, "Now, you are free to do whatever you feel like doing!" a few replied, "We know only working for our Masters and we'd like to continue that!"

When every one in the village worshiped the cave nearby with a belief of pleasing the demon inside, a young man at the back of great interest to investigate that, went inside, observed nothing but spider webs and stuffy air, came out and declared to the villagers that and from then on forever lived free from fear!

These may be true incidents or moral stories but they bring out the fact that my urge for freedom lies in 3 stages of elevation Viz.;

Instead of continuing the same life with an additional feeling ‘How best I can repeat this?’,
feel a bit for own freedom of expression in the given situation,

Instead of continuing ‘As Is’ at the back of lethargy,
 search for other ways of free living in the given situation and

Instead of relaxing through a belief and follow a ritual,
take risk, question the belief, further investigate and thus be free in the given situation!

And my freedom is mine as long as I don't lose my track (of these 3 disciplines in my life) to the best of my abilities!



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    1. Thanks Mridula.. All the best for you and your family!

  2. Very well said Sir. It's wonderful that you are undergoing these three stages. Let all of your readers and admirers follow suit.

    Jitendra Mathur

    1. Yes.. Jitendra.. You rightly affirmed my message here.. Unless we feel more than normal to express ourselves the right, the average in the world keeps us eternally in it's fold indirectly making us happy with the average.. No doubt there some benefits are shown but at the cost of a slavery too which sooner or later follows.. Here alone, one should be vigilant and ever be ready to question and establish the original truth that all are born equal! Thanks for the good comment here!