Monday, September 12, 2016


A King of 40s was childless for some time and equally had no major issues in his day to day Ruling and both the situations indirectly made him complacent as well as dull for a while.. 

The wise Minister noticed that and on a day proposed for the King a long vacation of two months accompanied by himself to a distant forest area where the King could come in direct communication with Nature and thus could feel better.

  • “We'll have daily updates about the happenings in our Kingdom during our absence and Your Majesty can truly relax in this period of vacation!”

said the Minister. The King wasn't totally happy with the proposal but equally as he was dull what the Minister proposed for him looked to be appropriate at that point of time.

Accordingly, on a particular day they both moved on to their vacation. Thus passed a month and at that point of time the news came up that a few bad 'Elements' in the Kingdom joined hands together to create certain unrest in the Kingdom taking advantage of their King's long absence.

  • “Sir! No problem. I've already made arrangements for all safety measures!”
confided the Minister.. The King admonished him and said..
  • “But you only unnecessarily brought the situation to this level. Now these people know that I've become careless. Because of this I should forever be on extra guard!”
The Minister smiled and said,
  • “You are right, your Majesty and that forever will engage your Highness with plans and programs. At last some work for all of us and no time to brood over and become complacent as well as dull!"
The King was astonished with Minister's Plan but equally had a doubt.. He said,
  • "My dear! Have you planned all this with a surety that it would happen this way alone? Nothing too could have happened!"
The Minister smiled and said,
  • "A few black sheep will always be there in every Group and here absence of your Highness had made them come out openly!"
The King had his last doubt,
  • "Suppose, no one in my Kingdom had such intentions of causing disturbance to my Ruling?"
he asked. The Minister smiled and said,
  • "Yes! In such rare cases, it equally doesn't matter whether the Ruler is there or not!"
The King had no words to say further at the back of the Minister's Wisdom!