Tuesday, September 27, 2016


The 8 yrs old boy all of a sudden happened to witness a sad incident. That night his sleep got disturbed with bad dreams followed by an unknown shouting while on bed out of fear and the and the next day routine sleeping activity in no time became a terror. The Mom observed that and said the next day,

  • “Dear! From today on wards, we will repeat this Sloka of Strength with us before going to bed.. Say with me now.. 

Ramaskandham hanumantham vainateyam vrkodaram 
shayane yah smarennithyam duh swapnam thasya nasyathi
  • The Mighty, Strong and Powerful Lord Hanuman, Garuda and Bheema by your side drive away your bad dreams making you sleep sound!”
And that just clicked with the boy as he believed his Mom beyond and instantly he was freed from his fear and misery simultaneously an unknown strength replacing that..

Thanks to the Mom's timely take care! 

The Mom further said,
  • "Dear! All our problems should always be resolved with good care and attention from us.. And remember God expects us do all this before we approach Him.. But in spite of doing this if the problem still troubles you, Pray to Lord Shiva with all devotion.. 

"Om Namah Shivaya Om Namah Shivaya 
Hara Hara Bole Namah Shivaya!" 
  • And sure Lord Shiva Heals you from all those left out troubles!" 
Time never stopped and 4 decades passed.. The young boy was the then full responsible man of certain confidence and a very busy personality at his work, home and elsewhere too in his life..

Unfortunately on a fateful day, he was involved in an accident where everything was soon OK except his confidence and an unknown fear temporarily gripped him pushing him into continuous sleepless nights..

The man was helpless for a while but suddenly on a day he remembered the second advice given by his mother for any persistent troubles in his life..

Instantly coming to full attention that night, he bowed down in front of his mother's photo and started singing within the Sacred Song she had taught him with all devotion till he went to bed..

It was a real wonder.. What nothing else could do, his firm belief in his Mom’s Saying worked, he slept well that night and got up fresh the next day!

Further he continued doing that night after night with all devotion, soon became better and was back to his normal activities.. And no need to say that in a short time, he was sure the earlier man of unshaken confidence and thrust in all his activities..

Again, thanks to the Mom's loving take care in time!

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  1. Lovely post Sir. Mothers knows everything!!!

    1. Very much rightly said, Anupriya.. The mom truly knows the appropriate remedy for her child's problem.. Thanks for the nice observation here!

  2. A wonderful post. Faith makes everything possible.

  3. Showing the way to the depressed and the bereaved. Thanks Sir.

  4. This is sweet serendipity on work here :) Sir, it's just last week that I taught my two girls to chant "Om namah shivay" whenever they feel scared or anxious. I am reading your post with a big smile and thinking "Thank you God; for guiding me to teach my girls the right thing". Loved your article.

    1. That's so nice of you to say so Sapna.. The story I wrote is partly what my mother taught me when I was a small boy.. Mothers forever know the exact problem of their children and 100% know the solution for it too.. That's the reason we grownups are ever fully self confident and thus are ready to help others in their difficulties.. The best comment on the Post.. Thank you very much and best wishes for you and your family!