Monday, September 26, 2016


"There's nothing great in life as change is truly a phenomenon in the world and thus there's no point in holding on to the thinking that life should go on as I wish.. Better relax here and let the reins be loosened keeping just the broader goals and controls with me.. It's worth living thus as at least I'm not surprised if something deviates from my plan and would be ready to absorb the change with a firm mind!" 
  • "Dear! You may say all that but never we should firm up on this type of philosophy for us nor recommend it to any one!"
"Sir! Many times I had seen you advising people to take cool and relax.."
  • "Yes.. I said so to few people who were suffering from certain loss.. But not in all places!"
"What's the point you don't tell this cool philosophy when everything is fine but when one is cornered with no escape you say.. Take it cool? Instead, am I not right when I constantly say thus?"
  • Dear! The Great Personalities who are truly the Dynamos of Living at an Elevated Level where in they directly perceive the Cause and Effect alone can talk on that Truth.. 
  • And remember, even those Great Men too all the time advocated living our life full with dynamic planning, working for the goals and partly enjoying the fruits of those actions equally sharing our gains with others and nothing less of it at any time!
  • Those sacred doings alone ultimately give us enough strength of sailing thru' the occasional downs of our life enabling us rise to the greater levels of understanding and thus become more useful to ourselves, the people next to us and the world at large!
Leaving this great task in front of you and never seeing the beauty of life around you as is, what's that you advocate thru' your saying that there's nothing great in life, its an empty dream etc other than becoming lethargic being neither useful to yourself nor to the society?"

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  3. Sir, I have always believed in the philosophy of 'Accept the Life as it Unfolds' and I feel that this post of yours is also on the same lines. To live a more meaningful, more peaceful and more fulfilling life, it's no use running after things because when you chase things, they run away. Hence the best thing is to do our duty at the given moment diligently and let everything else take its own course as it will take anyway irrespective of our wishes and plans. Life is full of surprises. Hence why not accept wholeheartedly whatever comes our way ?

    1. You said it very much right Jitendra.. There is no point in running after things in life.. We have our own inherent expressions within us which if come out freely is joyous situation with us as well as with people around us.. Each one of us is gifted in a particular field in respect of this.. And forever attempting to do all that required in that direction with a fulfilling feeling with us becomes the primary duty of ours and any attempt to get off from such dynamic activity is to be avoided all the time even though I constantly remember that nothing is guaranteed.. The Post essentially talks of saying a firm 'No' to all such inner suggestions with us, get up and actively involve till such activities fall off from the individual automatically due the Grace of Almighty and when it would be none knows.. This Message alone is conveyed in my Post here.. Thank you very much for such a classic enquiry on Philosophy of Life.. Your Posts as I read are real Eye Openers in respect of our life.. Best Wishes!

  4. Amazing post sir....
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    1. Oh.. That's really a great recognition of my Wrings Anupriya.. Thank you very much for the same and right now I'm checking there!