Friday, September 9, 2016


It is said that the first school of the child is the lap the mother and my mom sincerely fulfilled that basic Role there by being my very beginning Teacher of my life, patiently answered my eternal questioning and taught me the basics of life thus making me enter my endless learning field.. Subsequent to that, my dad too played his Role and taught me some more of my these basics.. 

With the parents thus becoming the initial Teachers of my life, I carry all my respects and regards for them for truly doing such a noble work but meeting them at this stage of life stands an Utopian wish alone with me today as they left me long back never to return! 

Subsequently, my basic Schooling started with Class I of mine with many Teachers who truly taught me at various levels various Subjects, made me successfully complete my Schooling satisfying my basic quest of Knowledge and learn the required.. 

No doubt a few eminent Teachers were there by my side in this period who really kindled my interest to learn Mathematics and Science thus paving my way to get into the Technical field of Higher Education.. 

My Reverences forever remain for these Stalwarts who taught me the basics here but meeting them too at this stage of life is impossible for reasons well known!

My Higher Education continued again with few Stalwarts teaching me the core Subjects who truly imbibed the Knowledge into my personality and

Those Teachers too deserve true respects and regards even though meeting them is not feasible at this stage!

With the Degree secured thus, I entered my Career, spent 38 yrs there continuously learning in and out of my field of Specialization where in the Bosses, Colleagues and Subordinates around me truly formed a chain of indirect Faculty thru' whose interactions I learned the valuable Work Practices which none else could have taught me and 

My Reverence and Thanks this day equally go for all these Eminent men and women in the field and meeting them too is not an easy process!

Retired from active Service, the retired Community around me too had taught me and is teaching me for a couple of years equally the final meaning to my life and the importance of carrying out certain activities at this stage of life and

My Regards for them ever remain in my memory!

Thus I put on Record the Teachings of the dedicated Team of Eminent Teachers of my life who continuously made me wade thru' the Ocean of Knowledge in front enabling me take the required and assimilate within me making me sail thru' my life successfully!

Incidentally to say..

There's one more Teacher cum Pupil with me today.. i.e., my grandson next to me incessantly making me again learn to teach him the right equally giving witty answers to my questioning thereby enabling me learn totally new hitherto never imagined!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt The teacher you wish to meet again, at least once.#Teachersday

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  1. Loved the last paragraph.

    I believe that what I'm today, is because of my teachers. And, for that, Mr Life is the eternal one... :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna.. Very rightly confirmed.. Best Wishes!

  2. Great tribute Sir. In fact, everybody who teaches anything at any point of our life journey is entitled for due recogniton from us.

    Jitendra Mathur

    1. That's right Jitendra.. Teaching is ever a noble job and whoever does this do really help the individual/community grow for betterment.. Thanks for the good comment here!