Friday, October 7, 2016


Two men were conversing..

“I get quite a number of dreams when I sleep.. Most of them are bad dreams a few times, very bad dreams.. And of late, some of them are turning out to be nightmares too.. And again a few of these nightmares are too scary.. When I wake up from such dreams, I will be simply lost for a while!”

“Oh! My God! Are the dreams so bad?”

“You don’t know? Don't you dream in your sleep?”

“No.. I’ve a chronic sleep problem.. Most of the times I don't sleep at all and if I sleep too, it's just a disturbed one many times!”

Thus seen, constantly I know only my problem never the problem of the other man..
Myself changing here a bit sure helps!

A Great Saint used to conduct daily Discourses and Prayers with His devotees. As one of the devotees had a weakness with him, others used to sit in groups leaving him alone.. Further to that, they repeatedly used to remind the Saint that the man's presence made the area unholy..

One day the Saint smilingly told his disciples, 
“I see this man daily dot on time in his clean ironed dress with hair well groomed. He sits in full attention till the last minute of the Program and leaves the place silently without disturbing any one.. Why don’t you learn this decent behavior from him?” 

Thus seen, constantly I know only seeing the defects in the other man never the merits.. 
Myself changing here a bit sure helps!

It was winter and when the train started and the journey continued, the chillness of the night slowly increased. Past mid night it became really chill and the young man's usual sweaters from his place were of no use to withstand those low temps. He was totally new to that extreme cold experience and thought he was gone!

The old farmer sitting next to him quickly noticed the young man's suffering and helplessness and immediately opened out his huge thick blanket over him signaling him to come inside. Without a second thought, the youngster quickly got in and fully made use of that. And he was fully protected for the rest of the night!

Thus seen, constantly I can definitely help my next man without myself being greatly inconvenienced or put to trouble or risk except that I should feel for that.. And
Myself changing here a bit sure helps!

Let it be North or South, East or West all along length and breadth of our country
as I move constantly living thru' these 3 changes in me, those tiny actions alone put forward rolling 
'The Change Movement'
around me and soon that becoming 
slowly and steadily enrolls more and more members into its fold bringing truly 
'A vibrant Change'

And if such 
'Vibrant Changes'
come up even in few places, the sum total of that effect is 
the one that truly helps our country in a big way
paving way for the 
to survive at a decent level and further rise upward continuously!

This Post is written in line with the Indispire requirement 

Keywords: Indispire, discipline, change, country


  1. Amazingly inspiring post!!! Great work ,Sir!

  2. Each and every post of yours reaffirms my belief that you are nothing but a scholar, a highly respectable thinker. After going through this post of yours carefully and attentively, I perceive its content as a ray of light in the darkness. Please continue to show us the way. The nation and the society need more and more people like you.

    1. That may be too much praise from you Jitendra as I may not be that great.. Anyhow, thank you very much for carrying such a respect for me and I sincerely feel I should bring out the best in me thru' these Columns and I'm surely going to do that.. Best Wishes!

  3. Yes Sir, once I change the world changes. That must be the starting point for any effective change. Great insights in your article.

    1. That's great of you to say so, Durga Prasad.. Very rightly confirmed on the Message.. Thanks a lot for all the appreciation!

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    1. Thanks Ruchi Mayank for the appreciation.. A nice comment here!