Sunday, October 9, 2016


Whenever I become serious that I should live thru'

A 'Never Say No' attitude towards my earning 
A tight control on my expenditure 
A good saving and investment strategy for sizable future monies 

I instantly remember my friend, who too involved himself whole and soul in respect of taking care of his monies but by foregoing these a bit when 

There used to be a knock on the door and a man seen at the entrance with a problem.. 
By diligently spending his time, noting down the person's requirement and promising him to help out on the next working day.. 

A boy standing at the door used to hand over few ordered items.. 
By paying off the charges invariably along with a fruit and bidding bye to the boy.. and 

The door bell used to ring with the man at the door saying like, 
“Sir! Yesterday, I dug up the backyard and planted few plants.. I couldn't inform you this yesterday.. And you already paid me for this in advance for an earlier problem with me.. Am going now!” 
By quickly giving an additional amount to him saying, 
"These're your tips for the good work done.. On the way buy and carry some eatables for your family!” 

equally with a firm decision in himself to continue such of those activities in his life in the best possible way often saying,
"All the eligible monies minus these obligatory givings alone are truly mine!" 

which memory instantly used to put me back on my track where in I too Could never say NO to such givings till date.. Okay.. May not be 

A Life Just Lived 
With Plenty in Store
but sure 
With Peace in Store! 

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  1. Touching ! Inspiring ! Enlightening ! And what not Sir ! Unlimited thanks for this invaluable piece of writing.

    1. Thanks Jitendra.. Love the comment and Best Wishes on the Eve of Navratri!

  2. How inspiring! Out touched my heart,sir!
    BTW, did you try to answer my question in the weekly question 2, post

    1. Thanks Anupriya for such nice comment here.. I already answered your question thru' the comments column!

    2. I read the answer ,Sir. It was absolutely amazing and very true!

  3. Thanks Jyotirmoy for promoting the Post on G+!