Sunday, October 16, 2016


How are you doing? Hope you are in great spirits but all along I wish to narrate here some of my findings of life which will be helpful to you at this stage of life.. Pay due attention to this..

1. I know, you are soon going to get into your Professional College.. There, you would be learning your basic skills and would be receiving in the end a Degree Certificate and a Conduct Certificate. Make sure that you pick up your skills properly and your Principal writes ‘good’ in the Conduct column before signing both of which alone ultimately get you into your Employment.. And never neglect these life long assets of yours else sure you'll in no time prove that

  • Neglect is the fore runner of regret!
2. The next.. Safeguard your health and practice safety to the core all along by simply keeping off from the wrong practices and wrong habits as it's often said that
  • Health is wealth and Mishaps do happen single!
3. As you start living thru' your life thus, simultaneously get soon a reasonable stamped approved social behavior as by joining the majority of the Society who are bound by orderly behavior and thus feel safe first rather than stand single and feel threatened.. No doubt, the wrong is to be questioned everywhere, but forever thru' proper channels alone and never singly without a support.. And here..
  • Patience is truly the virtue, no doubt!
4. The next.. Have ever a feeling of being watched by the Law Keepers because it may look easy to break the barriers there but forever the long arm of law is powerful and it never leaves one who deviates.. Remember..
  • Delinquency is no doubt a sin in this case!
5. The 5th point I want to stress max is.. Start working to the core in your Employment as all the potential future Employers never will pay and buy a head ache.. As one's basic survival is connected to his/her working on this earth, why think of anything else here? That's why.. It's very rightly said..
  • No pains; no gains!
6. Next to this activity, involve deep into the family life which would be with you in time as it's forever a Great Responsibility of ours being watched by all around both in tough and good times.. And equally this Sacred Activity with you alone is the sure way of yourself growing up within and you know very well that..
  • East or West, Home is the best!
7. All along handle your money well..  Money isn't to be worshiped but is ever precious as it's very much used throughout our life. On a rainy day, one cannot earn but consumes.. Have a discipline in spending and safeguard all your precious monies in different investments.. And remember here that..
  • A lakh has one hundred thousands only; not a single more than that!
8. Further to this always have a hobby as..It's a must that one expresses through one of the famous Arts broadly defined in books.. That Expression alone is the gist of life and none should ever kill it within themselves and become rotten because
  • Art is forever long; life is short!
9. The 9th equally important point here I want to stress is.. Be simple in your life by going to the core and trying to do all basic works by yourself even if some one else can easily help in those like feeding the body, washing, waste disposals and arranging all round for the body’s requirement.. These activities you must continue doing even if you are placed at the highest in society.. As ultimately you know that..
  • God helps those who help themselves!
10. And the final and the most important aspect in one's life.. is involving in the works for community around and be supportive to the needy.. As this attitude however small it may be when it dawns in you, it gives enough strength to face difficulties with a smile, get up again and continue your activities..The Eternal Calmness.. Truly Worth the millions of worldly possessions.. And this Message all along you learnt in your schooling too Viz.,
  • Service to Humanity is Service to God!
Best Wishes


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  2. Beautifully covered, these are the necessary suggestions that need a 16 years old one.

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    2. A perfect guide for someone standing at the entrance of adulthood. Thanks Sir.

  3. This will probably help me a lot. Great thoughts,sir! :)

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