Monday, October 17, 2016


The Great Saint humorously said in a congregation of His Devotees..

“If Spirituality is like an object of certain material, shape and size, I would have been surely robbed of that by this time!” 

The Great Man thus conveyed two vital aspects of Spiritual Life in this context that.. 

Spirituality is totally a different Entity from the usual earthly benefits available around us and can never be compared to any of these worldly gains or achievements obtainable through a process of dedicated working and disciplining oneself! 
Spirituality being such an Entity, no one can ever get that to himself/herself with help any Master or Great Man in the Spiritual field however highly evolved that Soul may be! 

The Great Saint truly educates us at the 2nd point saying,

With such a keen interest to embrace the Spiritual Life, one may be fascinated easily by a few advantage seekers in the Field who themselves are neither Spiritual nor perfect and thus finally end up nowhere.. Instead..
Embracing the usual family/social life with various responsibilities attached is ideal for most of the people!" 

The Master truly clarified the same point through His advice once given to a humble man who was finding it difficult to concentrate on God saying, 

“As you love your own goat kid very much, imagine the picture of your little goat in place of your Deity and thus continue your Spiritual Practice.. You are truly blessed!” 

The Great Men in the Spiritual Field for ever stressed the point..

”This is what I am experiencing presently in my life..
See it yourself, 
Confirm within yourself and thus 
Steer your life accordingly.. 
All aspirations are good.. 
All paths are welcome.. 
All methods are recommended.. 
Provided the doing would sure bring in an improvement to the status of the man next to you and to the quality of life around you in general!" 

Unless this materializes, any doing on my behalf in the direction of Spirituality is neither Great nor Truly Spiritual!


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