Saturday, October 1, 2016


The Place was the northern part of globe where more rule bound living is the order of the day. The evening was quite warm and the park was full of people..

Children of all ages actively running around engrossed in their own play for which there were no explanations followed by distinct screams and inexplicable joy on their faces. The parents were around all the while guiding their younger ones and thus taking care of them..

Suddenly there was an interruption to that hustle and bustle..

The Authorities walked down towards a parent with kid, enquired something and the parent was taken to a side separately for further detailed enquiry.. To divert the kid's attention, the boy was taken separately to the near by ice cream shop, a huge cone of ice cream was purchased for him and thus was engaged for a while..

The people around were taken a back instantly but quickly came back to their senses as such issues happened to be common there and certain human errors/mistakes of a bit serious in nature got to be addressed in that way alone which would soon streamline everything..

Two boys, one around 4+ yrs and the other a few months less who were all along swinging in their swings screaming aloud too became silent and started observing the strange happenings around.. 

The Moms observing their kids getting into a silent mode quickly diverted their attention cajoling them to get into their earlier play along with their physical joining.. In the process, the kids looked back twice which the moms couldn't stop observing.. Looking at each other silently, they firmed up in their minds to tell the boys in a soft way what had happened and were equally preparing themselves in that direction..

Suddenly the elder of the two asked in a soft tone his mom as the younger looked at his own mom..

To keep the suspense and to know on what the boy asked his mom, request kindly click here

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