Sunday, October 2, 2016


“Sir! How should I live my life in this world?”


  • “Care for yourself at core level towards a Standard Life, 
  • Fare as the best personality through your inherent expressions and 
  • Share your possessions with others wholeheartedly!" 
“Sir, Our Great Saints forever lived thru' their lives without any bodily comforts eating frugal food.. Again Great People all the time recommended simple living for us! I am confused here with your saying..”

“Dear! I agree that simple living is the best forever and before we say on what this living is, let us clarify on the fundamental feeling with us Viz.,
  • To have our possessions with us and feel happy and secure or 
  • Give away many of them with full freedom keeping minimum and thus be happy?” 
“Yes, dear! My ‘self’ is a fact with me at this moment and that sure dictates my living without an exception.. I can't as well as shouldn't negate this fact, as that action if done with all seriousness would only result in ultimate misery and pain nothing less.. Rather, a Standard Living with certain aspirations fulfilled and these pains subdued is a better way here and that truly alone is our simple living today!

But since encouraging ‘self’ beyond a level has its own problems leading to the ultimate misery, our Sacred Books and the Great Personalities forever recommended to us constantly sharing 'our own' with others as we live our life on this earth there by stressing very much the fulfilling of our family and social responsibilities with us..
  • Thus seen for a normal human being, the world is just real and his/her life here had to be necessarily lived thru' nothing but a right discipline alone all along till God's Grace descends upon the individual wherein certain needs fall off effortlessly setting him/her forever free!" 
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