Sunday, October 30, 2016


No doubt I was giving regular sizable charity in my life for many years after fixing the percentage and thought that was all I had to do in my life as that doing sure is as per my dharma till a day prior to one of the Diwali days, the elderly well-wisher in my neighborhood had said..

"Dear! I appreciate your decision and action in this context instead of saying straight a big 'NO' to charity but let us be a little at ease too while doing this. Rigidity of anything, anywhere is not what our Great Men recommended for us.. In fact 'Ease' is sometimes the quality required here in the right sense! Please understand that charity need not be a distinct entity to be practiced; rather, living through charity is a better way there!

See, as you lead your life, you come across regularly many people who do a work or give a service or supply the essentials in life which if we do not get in time, our life would be indeed a misery.. They may be small earners directly working or people whose business turnover and profits are small. And such people generally will have fewer saving for them as well as for their families..

All these people in all fields of life can always be rewarded suitably at the right time on right occasions.. And such rewards usually should include

  • Reasonable tips for the service rendered, 
  • Incentives for quality work, 
  • An extra leave from work, 
  • An assistance to their families in times of need,
  • A support in schooling of their children, 
  • Small additional monies to compensate the rise in cost of living etc without they demanding etc.. 
And all these monies can flow from the portion you allot out of your honest earnings minus your expenses and your minimum savings required, however small the left out may be!

Thus charity with you would be rather your personality than a separate action because the show of doing many times overshadows the doing!”

No doubt I got the message and from that Diwali day, my charity got totally redefined thru' an expanded number of eligible people around me where in,

  • The fundamentals of economics were never over looked and truly respected as the payments here are covered under the category of various perks, allowances, incentives and bonuses given/paid in a regular permanent employment,
  • The monies are still seen as sacred part of my life and never handled carelessly and 
  • The calculations earlier I was into got totally stopped here with the heart straight away pouring into the activity for ever remembering the Saying that..

Charity begins at home
And equally extending that home to my neighborhood and further beyond.. And I started doing those activities from that Diwali Day and truly experienced in my life.. 
'The Joy of Giving!'

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  1. An Inspiring post. Hope this Diwali inspires us to bring more light to the life of those less privileged.

    1. Thank you Durga prasad.. Very rightly said here.. Love the comment!