Wednesday, November 2, 2016


In teens for a persistent problem, he followed the widely advertised
Excellent Inspiring Solution (EIS)
with zero doubt on it's effectiveness, soon became normal but in a month the problem slowly showed up, quickly became 50% alive and in a short time started ruling him as usual at 100% level!

Within a year came across another 
Marvelous Unique Solution (MUS),
meticulously followed that too with 25% doubt on the effectiveness and became normal but in 3 months time to his utter surprise, he was quickly the original man with the problem back to 100% level! 

3 yrs passed thus and was just pulling thru' when on a day some one suggested the 
Miraculous Onetime Solution (MOS)
for his persistent agony.. With 50% doubt in his mind he followed that, sure picked up well and for a while forgot the past but the problem didn't forget him and in 6 months he was the usual 100%!

With no escape for the next 6 yrs, all of a sudden came across the widely talked
Practical Harmless Solution (PHS)
to address his problem, initially took no interest in that but soon coaxed by his friends, got into it at the back of just 25% confidence only and a year passed.. Yes.. People were right.. There was nothing wrong in trying it and nothing too happened there with the trouble back to 100% level in no time!

Next 12 yrs passed incident free and surprisingly many found him improved thru' all those years and thinking that it to be a miracle, a close friend commented on the change in him on a bright Sunday morning.. “Yes!" was the reply from him with a smile.. "It's here the 
Ultimate Researched Solution (URS)
Living with the problem adjusting my lifestyle!"

Problem, adjusting, life style


  1. A wonderful message conveyed through the post

    1. Thanks Purba for the appreciative comment here.. Happy to have it on the Post!

  2. Ultimate Researched Solution mentioned at the end is the All-time Working Solution (AWS) :-) Wonderful analysis, Sir!! Rather than whining, if we begin to slightly tweak our lifestyle, then it is smiles all the way!!

    1. Rightly confirmed the Message here, Manasaa.. And experience truly brings out partly this attitude in our lives seeing all the solutions around as truly limited.. At point of time, we may have to understand in depth that what Nature gives us with all firmness on the minus side from world point of view is to be ultimately lived thru' but the positive aspect of that if we pay attention is that it teaches us something really new in our life.. Thanks for the appreciative comment here!

  3. The approach to the problems differ in different phases of life. The experiences adding on, teaches lessons. And the result is, we emerge strong and confident. Very well explained. It's living with the problems, accepting life as it comes is the best policy than fighting against the flow. And one has to experience the ups and downs to learn hard lessons of life.

    1. Very rightly said here, Rajashree.. A deep understanding that all solutions however powerful may be can never bring back the original and if the problem is of persistent type living thru' it with a determination shows us another meaning to this life instead of the usual routine.. There sure lies such a person's purpose of being on this earth.. Thanks for the nice appreciative comment here!