Friday, October 28, 2016


Zero and infinity have got a unique place in the subject Philosophy where in the lessening personal interest is seen as true elevation of course the ultimate zeroing of that can never be reached thru' finite number of actions however noble they may be and that way seen the Sacred Destination is sure at the infinite point away wrt to time..

May be a little confusing subject here, but the fact is that with my mundane body and mind in firm form and shape with its own inbuilt desires to be fulfilled, I am forever in the mortal surroundings alone may be a little off from the main stream which is again equal number of times another trap of greater self interest in me without my own knowledge..

Leaving this discussion as is for a while, let's hear what the Great Personalities of the World have said and lived thru' that life in this context..

  • A Great Saint forever living outside in open area used to say, “Earth is the floor, Sky is the roof and Hills around are the walls of my house!” 
  • Another Great Saint living permanently in burial ground used to say, “Anyhow, one day I have to come here!” 
  • As the robber chased by security men dropped his loot in the lap of a Saint on the way and fled off, the Great Man straight away claimed that he had stolen the goods when caught by the security men! 
  • The Great Philosopher attacked to an unconscious level and subsequently served by the disciples to regain consciousness when asked who was serving Him said, “The hand that hit me is serving me now!” 
  • The rowdy element who brutally attacked the Saint when produced before Him handcuffed to award punishment to him the Great Man said, “I see God in you!” and died! 
  • When the 80 yr old Saint afflicted with terminal disease was offered help by the disciples, the Master smiled and said, "When this hand moves, let this alone do the job.. When it refuses to move, you can help!" 
  • When the Great Saint’s mother asked for spending her last moments by resting on His lap, the Master immediately held her head on his lap as she breathed her last.. Subsequently, the Master proclaimed that he had nothing to do further asking His disciples to move away her body! 
  • The Great Saint proclaimed that He need not learn and need not work as he had no desires.. When asked how he'd survive without work, He smiled and said, "Some of you may feed me.. If not, I go hungry and in process if the body perishes, let it!" 
Thus the Great Men and Women of the Earth forever taught us leading the life of self sacrifice constantly lessening the predominant self interest within thru' discharge of our ordained duties and in the words of the Master the ultimate phenomenon of this self interest becoming zero of course at the infinite point of time with the Eternal Peace established is compared to..
  • A salt doll curious to know the depth of Sea slowly went down the sea, melted and merged itself with the sea waters zeroing down itself and ultimately there was one single vast infinite Sea alone; nothing else!" 

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  1. A thoroughly spiritual post Sir. The lesson that those living a mundane life can seek from it, is allowing own ego to be zeroed or perished. Personally I have always put a premium on self-respect but gradually, with the passage of life, I have come to understand that self-respect and ego can be differentiated and in fact, they should be differentiated by the individual so as to keep the self-respect intact while shedding away the ego at the same time.

    1. Yes.. Jitendra.. Upholding self respect is forever the dignified way of living and never one should say No to that.. The self interest is totally a different subject and the earlier we lessen it, the better and it will never become zero in one's life with a mundane body by the side, however elevated the Personality may be.. A nice comment here and thank you very much for the same!

  2. I liked the way your post professes the vertue of "humility" throughsmall stories which tell "Ultimately, we are nothing; a zero". A unique post, Mr Sreedhar!

  3. Thank you Saket for the appreciation.. A nice comment on the Post and Prompt!