Thursday, October 27, 2016


"We've been into the great task of completing........ successfully in time and report to our Boss. It's really thrilling to do such works, here we diligently put forward our hard work into it, brought it to the acceptable stage and got a patting from the Boss. I'm proud that I too could do something in my life!"

"Great Dear! Taking up such unique responsibilities at this stage of life and discharging the same with great confidence is truly laudable and I wish in future too you would be handling similar jobs.. But a small caution here.."

"What is that Sir?"

"Dear! At work you should ever remember 2 important aspects and whatever be the situation ranging from total pressure from the Boss to own heartfelt liking, you should never take life easy here.. The 2 points are
  • At work, every responsibility you handle is unique and you alone would be answerable on that 
  • Every responsibility that is assigned to you is to be taken up only when the related power too is delegated to you 1:1! 
These 2 points forever form the core of any work culture and you should make double sure here that you are in the right direction in handling your works!"

"Sir! Here we, myself and my colleague shared and completed the work which my Boss alone asked us to do.. My colleague had more experience and thus he was truly helpful for me to complete the work.. Isn't it OK?"

"Dear! Here alone you should ever remember that 
  • Combined responsibility is no responsibility at all unless you divide the work with a clear demarcation who had to do what and with a 'Go Ahead' from the Boss.. And this doing again should be justifiable as per the basic qualification and Position of yours in your Organization.. 
  • Where the works cannot be divided, they should be handled on a rotational basis with full responsibility on a day and zero of that the next day..
Further, in respect of power assigned to you, the yardsticks forever are 
  • The designation of your job which basically defines what works you should handle.. 
  • The past history of how people earlier have handled such jobs in the Organization.. 
With such backup alone, you should rise to the occasion if a single paper does not define all that and many times sure will not.. All said and done, you should equally remember that Bosses ever corner their subordinates many times by not defining these 2 crystal clear for their advantage keeping the threat of job in front..

And finally remember that

  • By not knowing about such happenings at work, 
  • By being never ready to question on that where possible and 
  • By not bothered about the consequences of forcible involvement therein
a few times one may be caught in the unending games the Bosses play to meet their own self interests with few Senior Colleagues too joining there with an occasional 'NIL' escape from the trap!

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  1. Thanks Hemendra for promoting the Post on G+!

  2. How true!! Before taking up the job, one must be aware of these..for they will help him avoid facing terrible situations in the office! Initially, as a new joinee, I was bubbling with enthusiasm to take up any task assigned to me without thinking if it is within my capacity and control. All I got in return were few bitter experiences! But, it taught me something important that will save me in the days to come. As mentioned by you, I realized that responsibility and power matter a lot and that "A no uttered from the deepest conviction is better and greater then a yes merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble"!! If you feel it is not your responsibility to do a task, then say NO and don't take it up. If you ain't given required powers to get a task done, then say NO and don't take it up! Highly important advice given in a beautiful and simple way!! :-)

    1. Thanks Manasaa.. You have truly added value to my Post content thru' this comment.. Very rightly said.. An ever caution in my work life in respect of my responsibilities I am asked to discharge and the Power I am asked to handle helps a lot to have peace of mind at the end of the day.. Nicely said!

    2. I forgot to say.. Thanks too for promoting the Post on G+!

  3. Very helpful and insightful tips for the employees

    1. Thanks Durga Prasad.. As a Mentor too at the fag end of my Career, I was in this job constantly advising the young Engineers with me.. Once again thanks for the appreciative comment!

  4. Invaluable post it is Sir, useful not only for the rookies but the experienced ones also. Unlimited thanks for sharing it.

  5. Thanks Jitendra.. You said it very much right.. The right care here ever helps one in his/her job especially in the mid Career as many times the the self protective Bosses make them pawns in their games.. This is rare in the beginning and fag end of Career because in the beginning the person is not of much use for handling crucial issues and in the fag end he/she is mature enough to protect himself/herself.. A nice comment here!