Saturday, November 19, 2016


Sure, am no Specialist in Economics to visualize the plus and minus of the present demonetization, 
Equally am no Expert of Political Science to speak out on how this strategy will bring in development 
Again am no great spender in the strategic market areas except securing essentials and leading the limited life for the day myself being a retired member of the society, 
being an experienced man of living this life thru' certain ups and downs in various areas, 
I distinctly foresee the problems and solutions of the present situation continuing for quite a number of days from now

People standing in queues in front of banks losing their precious productive hrs, 
Small businesses struggling in securing and dealing with smaller denominations of cash making continuous adjustments with their customers, 
Banks trying to distribute the limited smaller denominations of currency amongst many of their customers on a rationed basis, 
The logistic groups working incessantly to deliver the required cash to the destinations with all the innovative methods 
Rest of the banking activities getting slowed down/ postponed depending on the cushion available thru' the revised concessions and time limits announced from time to time 
The dedicated banking staff rising to occasion helping out their suffering customers in time foregoing their own personal needs for a while 
simultaneously with 
The Authorities making the required changes as per the latest needs and problems of the general public equally trying to establish law and order in places where the situation goes out of control 
all along 
The honest citizen mostly making one time habit change to his/her lifestyle 
Extra co-operation 
Additional adjustment 
More sharing with the next man 
Foregoing a few comforts from his/her end thus very much upholding the concept of the 
Co-operative Movement 
for his/her ultimate happiness! 

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  1. Thanks Jyotirmoy for promoting the Post on G+!

  2. Once again a very prompt and strong point of view .
    Whenever I read your post , I am little moved. :)

    Here is the link to my recent blog post :-

    Good day sir !! :)

    1. Thanks Shraddha for the appreciative comment here.. That's nice of you to say so.. Sure I'll read the Post.. Best Wishes!

  3. In the chaos that has ensued post-declaration, goodness is crying sitting in a corner. Even if our PM's intentions were good, there ought to have been a better and planned way to execute the law.

  4. Yes.. That's exactly the present situation, Sunaina.. Hope this soon tapers off especially with the young and the lower income groups soon getting back to their respective productive works in every area that truly form the major backbone of our economy.. Thanks for the right noteworthy comment here!