Friday, November 18, 2016


A Province had a few elite personalities among its citizens.. They got fed up with the ruling of kings and king like dictators of their earlier times.. They decided,

  • “Why not have a good democratic system with us?” 
And that picked up momentum and in a certain time they achieved what they wanted..

More time passed..

Everything rots in time and here too there was no exception.. The high expectations of those elite personalities soon averaged out and they had to constantly fight back a lot in that process whichever group came to power..

They were clueless for a while and finally approached a Saint in the Province for a way out..

The Saint said,

“Imagine of a situation where these groups were not ready to rule you.. What would have happened?”
  • “Some dictator like mind person among them sure would have taken over the ruling in that confused state..” 
“That means, these groups indirectly helped you to keep off the unseen dictator taking over, is it not?”
  • “Yes! It appears so, if we look at the entire process in depth!” 
“Thus seen, the task with each one of you is not to worry too much about your selection but continuously minimize these deficiencies you are seeing all along thru' an effective questioning back..

But all those effective opposition and the various questioning channels too would equally be defective with their own problems of the rulers keeping them under threat, influencing them in various ways and offering them easy monies all along with various unethical promises and plans and a few times thru' a certain well spread out fear psychosis of not praising those in power too!

So ultimately, all these ups and downs very much become part of the average citizen's life here because the self interest of the Rulers make them deviate continuously from doing the Right..

And if the Ruler at any time minds doing good to the people with a dispassionate feeling, truly speaking he/she doesn't need any
  • Great physical/support strength, 
  • Special political power, 
  • High level influence or status, 
  • Big finances, 
  • Mass appeal and 
  • Advisories around.. 
Except a 'Will' to do the Right!

And seeing that

Strong Will to do the Right,

the ordinary citizens alone together become indirectly the required
  • Great physical/support strength, 
  • Special political power, 
  • High level influence or status, 
  • Big finances, 
  • Mass appeal and 
  • Advisories around.. 
For their Beloved Ruler!

That Truth alone forever Rules this world proportionately depending upon how much the Ruler is selfless and all such Programs are part of Nature with time when certain Order suffers and leveling becomes important as

Sloka 7 Chapter 4 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita

ever reiterates..

yadayadaahi dharmsya glanir bhavati bhaarata;
Abhyuttham adharmasya tadaatmaanam srijaamyaham!

Whenever there is decline of righteousness, O Arjuna and rise of unrighteousness, then I manifest myself (on the Earth)!"

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