Monday, November 7, 2016


Dear Zindagi,

Initially with full of energy and vigor, I thought without a single doubt..
  • “Life is wonderful. Every moment of it has its own glitter and glamour. It's no wisdom, if that moment is spent doing nothing. One moment gone never comes back and the ‘chance to enjoy’ is lost forever! What's the use of keeping quiet folding hands when everything is in front and even if not, can sure be secured through my efforts?
  • Let me expand, explore and enjoy here all the new experiences and thus truly live the life of a King Size. In this process, I'm still rule bound, live at the socially acceptable level and further would be regularly praying to God for the 'Ultimate Take Care'.. Am doing the best in my life!”
I know you smiled behind those thoughts of mine and appeared kind for a while giving me all support. But that you could never do for long as I understood later and thus I suddenly got into a sizable difficulty but still well under control.

That was the most difficult time with me as I was never mentally prepared for that, recovered as if a miracle had happened and was back to normalcy in time with almost a shaken personality for a while. Soon I learned the hard Lesson No 1 of yours and further thought..

  • “The life in front is no doubt great, but it's equally laced with sizable problems too when we get into a reckless enjoyment mode. Let me enjoy and expand in my life moderate simultaneously taking care of certain constructive activities around wherein I'll take proper care of my own health and welfare and beyond become useful too to the world at large.
  • Thus I express myself and be the all rounder in my life. Beyond, remembering that 'God is the Ultimate' let me be established in a Prayerful mode for sizable portion of my day!”
I know you again listened to all that and were kind for a while giving me all that support. But that too you could never do for long as I understood further and I got into the second sizable difficulty still well under control.

Having thus stressed inclusion of everything in moderation too still I had to suffer at the intensity of the hardship, was directionless for a while, surrendered more to the Almighty and thus recovered in time slowly. I thus learned Lesson No 2 of yours and then finally firmed up..

  • “No doubt, I've a life and it should definitely be lived through in the right way. Here health related, a minimum wealth improving and a few welfare activities are a must and necessarily have to be part of my life.
  • Leaving these, I find no meaning to the so called 'Enjoy and Expand' concept except getting into a few mind relaxation activities which the world may call enjoyment as I've no go there at this stage of my life.
  • That way seen, this life is never a bed of roses and problems too are part of this living. So, let me limit myself in these involvements, start doing a service to humanity that is possible and beyond be ever in a Prayerful mode as the Ultimate Savior is He alone and what He Plans for me, I should be ready to accept with full heart!”
I know you again listened to all that too and were kind for a while giving me all that support. But that too you could never do for long as I understood further and thus you suddenly gave me the third sizable difficulty but still well under control.

This time having advocated the simple life, I faced the hardship steadily, sustained the same patiently, recovered soon and was back to normalcy in a certain time. Finally I understood the ultimate lesson you were trying to teach all along..
  • ”I no doubt give unique problems to man but the strength to put up with the same is ever proportional to how much one advocates the concept..
'Minimum(To the extent feasible) for self, rest for others!'"

Your ever loving friend,

Sreedhar Bhattaram.

“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda


  1. Your new profile picture at Indiblogger is amazing! And I loved this post.

    1. Thanks Mridula for the appreciation.. A nice comment here!

  2. Another post full of wisdom...loved this, Sir... :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparnna.. Truly the appreciative comment here!!

  3. Gratitude is the essence of life I guess..

    1. You are very much right Sunita Sriram.. As I start living with such an open heart, no doubt the problems of life more or less are the same but the strength to put up with them sure goes up exponentially.. And that's the beauty of that living.. Thanks for the timely comment here!

  4. Minimum for self, rest for others....How many can actually abide by that....Well said....!

    1. Thank you very much Sunaina in bringing out the right point of clarification here.. Your comment made me think and slightly modify the message by adding 'To the extent feasible' for more clarification even though the original conveys the meaning thru' the word 'proportional'there.. It means..I may not be able to minimize my consumption below a level that becoming the threshold of my life and beyond that I should discipline myself not to be trapped by the glorification of ever chased worldly interest in me.. Hope this explanation is helpful here.. Sure, the timely comment on the Post!

    2. 2 grammatical Corrections: Read "word'proportional'there" as "word 'proportional' there" and 'life and beyond' as 'life but beyond'.. Thanks for the patience shown!