Friday, November 25, 2016


For a while it was the distant Video Calling to the parents.. The daughter was at the other end..

"Yes.. We are planning to visit this summer, the historic tourist attraction......., spend 3 days there and go round to see........ We are travelling by ship........."

The little boy was too attentive all along..

"Mommy! Can I go to my play area there and play all the 3 days? And I want to have my favorite...... drink at..... Are you taking me there?"

"Yes, dear! You'll play there whatever time you want, we'll take you to beach and you can have your favorite...... at the Restaurant.. Also we'll buy for you few games.. On the ship, I'll take you to the deck.. It'll be funny.. Okay?"

The boy's excitement knew no bounds..

"Grandma.. am going.. I'll go on ship.. Play there.. Buy all toys and books... And am going to have my........"

he screamed addressing his grandma at the other end..

"But promise me.. After the trip your new teacher will come home to meet us.. We'll talk together.. You should answer whatever she asks and she'll be very happy.. I'll tell you about that on our return.. Okay?"

asked the daughter..


"And you'll be going to the new school with new bag, new lunch box and new water bottle we are going to buy during your trip.. Every thing is new for you.. Happy?"

The boy instantly nodded his head in full affirmative at the back of great joy and got into readying his bag and his favorite soft toy for the coming up exciting travel..

Soon, having traveled on the ship for the first time with an explicable excitement,

they reached the destination and the Little One was totally into his activities of exploring, playing, and eating his favorite items..

Thus the vacation ended and on the next day the mom said, 

"Dear! Your new teacher is coming home this Saturday.. As promised, you'll nicely answer all her questions and get her praise.. And your new schooling starts from coming Monday and you are happily going to school as you promised.. Okay?"


said the boy engrossed deep in his play..

That student-teacher interaction too got finished successfully, the daughter called her parents that Sunday on video calling to tell about that.. As the grandma took the call, she instantly saw her grandson jumping on the sofa..

She asked,

"Dear! Did your new teacher come and meet you?"

"Yes.. She came!"

"What did she ask?"
"She said, 'Hello!'"
"She sat on the sofa!"
"She ate crackers!"
"She drank coffee!"

"I already told you.. Am busy playing now.. Don't want to talk to you!"

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  1. Kids, they are so much fun! Do you also spoil your grand children more? Just curious.

    1. You said it right, Mridula.. We for our grand child forever try to be sympathetic which of course comes in the way of his parents'actions.. And the tussle forever stays as it is in every family!

    2. Happy to know that sir! My father was always doting on us, I thought he spoiled my nephews but it is with my daughter that I have seen he is the most lenient!

  2. Hmmmm . . . . The elders should try to understand child-psyche. And they will learn to keep their promises if we keep our promises made to them. Quite an interesting post Sir.

    1. Thanks jitendra.. You said it very much right but between the school, play and home, the child is forever towards the last two alone.. This point should be very much remembered by us all along as we tune up his/her development!