Saturday, November 26, 2016


No doubt English is indirectly the universal language of communication in today's world and knowledge of the language truly helps one to deal his/her day to day issues with all ease..

Here, fluency and the right accent are a must if we decide to express thru' this language the reference forever being the contemporary dictionaries / grammar books where in the right spelling, pronunciation, accent and grammatical usage of each word, phrase and sentence are described thru' examples..

If thus one becomes expert in this language thru' speaking and writing, he/she definitely would be adored by others for such an expression and people would become more attentive to listen to what the person wants to say in the situation..

But that doesn't mean that true development comes thru' knowledge of this language alone as quite a number of prosperous countries in the world stick to their own local language, their mother tongue but still live their life happily dictating equal terms with their counter parts knowing English thru' their hard work and disciplined living safe guarding their interests.. Seen thus, these qualities alone ultimately bring real pride to the members of a group and never just speaking this one language well and doing nothing beyond..

Seen much further, whatever be the language and how fluently is that spoken, ultimately it's the personality behind that really matters in all interactions when less and less caring for self and more and more for others predominates with the examples like..
  • The communication between mother and child being so perfect, one look of the mother at her child without a language barrier, the child totally understands what she had meant and follows that a 100% and a single discomfort expressed by the little one again without a language barrier, the mother instantly knows and settles it to the perfection.. 
rising to the levels many times as we have heard/read/seen like 
  • The Great Personality changing the notorious criminal, 
  • A pet in our house being ferocious or docile depending on our personality, 
  • Ourselves visiting a holy place and a knotty problem troubling us getting off to a certain extent etc 
without any language intervention leading finally to the classic example of 
  • The yesteryear's Great Saint's advise given to the visiting person to His Ashram making him/her sit in front of Him thru' a silent gesture, further both meditating silently, subsequently enquiring the person silently through hand signals how he/she was feeling for which the visitor invariably used to nod his/her head in affirmation and thus bidding him/her bye thru' a silent hand wave without a single word uttered in the process forget about the particular language used therein! 
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  1. Thanks Hemu for promoting the Post on G+!

  2. Language is a gateway not a hurdle to cross. really....

    1. Rightly said, Sushma.. It is the heart that predominately speaks in all our conversations.. Thanks for the good comment here!