Sunday, November 13, 2016


My dear,

How are you doing? Got me and our all those close interactions which I'm sure are stored in your heart in a corner even this day too, if you ponder over deep? OK.. Don't worry.. I'll tell you..

Whenever things looked cool, I embraced you tight countless number of times with untold affection making you expand and speak all that what I wanted to say thru' you..

  • “Advised you so much to be careful but you've totally spoiled the show.. What a headache you gave me finally!”
  • “Don't believe so much.. He may not be what you think.. When you go closer, everything unfolds.. Presently it may look smooth!”
  • “I don’t care what others think here.. I do what I want.. Who's someone to advise me?”
  • “I want to pool up every pie and save.. It's my hard earned money and why should I lose here?”
  • “All this's because of my neighbor.. That man who forever interferes with others.. I never like him!”
  • “I can't give away freely like that.. People take from you just saying thanks but never turn up when you really need them!”
  • “Help? What help? As if I've no work other than helping people!” etc..etc..etc.. 
But the moment a tough situation showed up and you became utterly helpless, I, with my own Master Plan instantly made you repent to your Deity saying..

“God! Pardon me for all the mistakes done by me and take me out of the present trouble.. From now on wards, I promise I'll
  • Never point out others
  • Not doubt people at every instance,
  • Not expand myself beyond,
  • Not become greedy of possessions,
  • Never hate any one,
  • Ever show charity,
  • Be helpful to others etc.. etc.. etc.." 
And soon each difficulty passed and stability established, I mercilessly brought you back to the original tempo of talk every time thus ever riding over you apparently appearing all the time as the intimate bosom mate of yours!

Do you get me, now? 

I am,

(Request the Readers kindly read back separating the words given there to retain the suspense part of it, if any.. Sorry for the little inconvenience!)

Keywords: bosom mate, riding over


  1. Ah!! Always nice to go with the suspense and let it reveal at last! And as you said, when in despair, it is the best to listen to one's own mind for it always gives the right guidance at the right time!

    1. The message here is slightly different, Manasaa.. The mind may look as my friend but it forever drags me to repeat doing as per the stored experiences of self protection and self satisfaction alone and nothing vibrant and live experiences one can easily experience when one says NO for a while to that self interest.. It's no doubt my friend by my side but equally the lethargic one too and that lethargy I should and myself within alone has to fight constantly to progress in my life in the right direction.. Thanks for the right point brought out in this context!