Wednesday, November 30, 2016


In twenties, 
as negligence and carelessness 
ruled the finances with small earnings, 
plenty of advices/reminders followed..

Take care of pennies, pounds take care of themselves..
Little drops make an ocean..
Save for a rainy day.. 
Money does not grow on trees.. 

In thirties, 
as care and follow-up
ruled the finances with increased earnings, 
more advices/reminders followed..

Penny wise, pound foolish..
The fool and his money soon get parted..
Money is a good servant but bad master.. 
Neither a borrower nor a lender be.. 

In forties,
as attention and recording
ruled the finances with sizable earnings, 
some advices/reminders followed..

There is plenty for need not for greed..
As you sow sow you reap..
The rich knows not his friend.. 
Money isn't everything.. 

In fifties,
as right understanding and handling
ruled the finances with shot-up earnings,
few advices/reminders followed,

The second honeymoon is getting over.. Counted your pennies?
Soon time to say.. 'Bye tension, Welcome pension!'
Tired of earning? No problem re-tire cool with no earning!
Sure going to rain.. Is the umbrella ready?

In sixties,
as ultimate control and mastery
ruled the finances with nil earnings,
no more advices/reminders followed!

finance, discipline, earnings