Saturday, November 26, 2016


I was very actively searching for my soulmate 
when suddenly I had a big doubt, 
"Forget about soulmate.. First of all.. Where is my soul? It's not seen anywhere!" 
Thus my attention turned 180 deg to search for this unseen soul with me.. 
And it was very difficult for me to trace that soul of mine as I finally understood that it is neatly buried under piles and piles of my past experiences.. 

I initially thought.. 
"Let me dig thru' these experiences and take it out!" 
but in a short time I found that that's almost an impossible task for me at this stage of my life when the bundles of those my past experiences seen piled up to an infinite depth.. 

I was sad and restless for a while sad because I started with such a great ambition that I would find my soulmate straight but understood now that I should first find my soul itself and restless because I find no way to dig those piles of experiences with me to have a glimpse of this my beloved entity.. 

I looked into all ways of doing that digging.. But there too soon I found that all mundane attempts only cover up more that soul in the form of more experiences rather than clearing the earlier ones.. 

Totally lost, I looked into and studied various Sacred Books of Philosophy from end to end as they talk a lot about soul and luckily my attention caught hold of what the Great Personality of yesteryears had said to His devotee when He was posed with the same problem.. 

"Our minds in search of our souls are like the open books in front of us. We both can sit together and read our books. But here I can only read my book and you can yours alone. How each one of us understands our books and accordingly firm up our ideas and get into our own actions are purely left to us and none else can do this job for us!" 

That reading instantly left me with a great task of studying my mind in the first instance of this search all along doing my work with full devotion and thus goes as on date my this one life in search of my soul.. 

And when I thus settled in my life at the back this great task, another Saying of the Great Saint surfaced in my mind.. 

"As the ignorance piled up in one gets cleared in time with the glimpses of Truth seen thru' the Soul Search, the Oneness of Universe is directly experienced!" 

which understanding indirectly 
ended my incessant search for soulmate once for all 
as ultimately at the end of this Eternal Search 
the soul, soulmate and the intimate interaction 
merge together establishing 
paving way for 

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  3. Sir, I like this unique take on soulmates and it's insightful and a brainstorming kinda approach. Love it and the quote best defines what we looking for:)

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  4. Amazingly written. 'Soul-searching' is that phase what can complete the very purpose of our lives.

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