Friday, December 30, 2016


I will be constantly interacting with the world at 3 Levels..

  • Level 1: I act to satisfy my basic self interest beyond the decent existence level,
  • Level 2: I act to satisfy my elevated self interest thru' taking care of my people and
  • Level 3: I act to satisfy my sublimated self interest thru' taking care of people other than my own heard of or come in contact with me at short notice..

These 3 Levels of actions are perfectly feasible for me in my life in this world with my own understanding and the only point here is I should have a will to act amidst such a scenario with all ease..

As I cross Level 1 and start acting at Level 2 with a certain joy and perfection I'm sure I stepped into the stage of being human and when I, with all ease out of an inherent happiness within me extend my services supporting Level 3 activity, I can say that I stepped into the stage of the evolved human being with no end seen to that service level within my basic capabilities and energies..

The Great Man made it a point in His life to see that a Guest not identified as a 'single person' permanently lived with Him apart from the usual members of His Family..

  • “It's one of our duties many times to serve the so called 'Outsider' whom we usually keep off from the ‘List’ of ‘My own’.. This action no way interferes with our responsibilities towards the defined members of the family.. It is the way of fighting out the limited ‘My own’ and expand beyond and is perfectly in tune with Nature and laws of the society.. Any resistance in limiting this is only to be seen as block for one's own evolving on the lines of his/her own dharma!”
were the observations of the Great Man in this context.. As I look at the living style of my own in general, often I would be coming across..
  • A neighbor who knocks at my door at odd hrs.. 
  • A friend of mine who drops in unexpectedly.. 
  • A distant Relative of mine whom I tried to avoid all these days and who shifted to my Town recently starts visiting me every weekend.. 
  • A close Colleague of mine while moving out on transfer expects me to accommodate part of his burden.. etc instances.. 
In such circumstances, can I just look at these people as simply 'God-send' to receive my services, thus happily spend a small part of my energies, time and monies on them and genuinely meet their requirement? If truly done so, what the Great Man had said is equally done at my own level so effectively..

  • The very number one purpose of myself living on this Earth as human!
The Post is written in line with the requirement of INDISPIRE PROMPT What would be your idea of an evolved human being?#beingtrulyhuman

Being Human


  1. I absolutely loved the point wherein you mention the necessity of expanding the contained world of 'My own' - this is certainly a step towards evolving into a better human being - one who can reach beyond his own comfort zone to touch other lives in compassionate ways....I really liked this prompt....

    1. Thanks Sunaina for bringing out the right observation here.. You mentioned very much rightly..If I can expand the concept of mine and include more people under that fold, that's sure the true elevation in my life and I should attempt doing that at any stage and thus evolve truly as a human being in this one life with me.. Truly the best comment on the Post!

  2. With the expansion of self, there comes naturally a higher sense of belonging and concern for what we call 'others', because the 'others' become our own.

    1. Rightly said Durga Prasad.. This concept alone ultimately leads to the feeling of Oneness of the Universe which alone again is the true and final solution for the problems of life.. Thanks for a nice comment here!

  3. Brilliant!! Really its a celebration kind of reading For me. Too Good!! :)

    1. That's great of you to say so, Tina.. A nice comment on the Post and thanks for the same!