Monday, December 26, 2016


On a day, a man moved to distant lands on the other part of the globe on a long vacation and from the next day to that, he was actively involved in close interactions at the new place.. In no time, he was greatly inspired by the new cultural and polite talk around him staring from his neighbor's little girl's words..

  • “Hi! This Cup we don’t need any more.. Keep it with you.. Thanks a lot.. Bye!” 
  • “How do you do?” 
  • “Did you find everything?” 
  • “You are Welcome!” 
  • “Excuse Me..Thank you very much!” 
  • “It's OK.. Good Bye!” 
“How much care these people take in their dealings with others? Every word is weighed to precision before one speaks backed by a great respect all along carrying much importance to the next man and the same is taught and insisted upon from the very young age!"

He quickly recollected the usual talk nothing great mentioning at his place starting from his neighbor’s child.. 

  • “Uncle! This item is yours.. My Mom had asked me to return it to you.. Please take it!” 
  • “Ok.. Go.. If I start selling this for the price you asked for....."
  • Hello! Move on.. We don't have so much time like you!"
  • "What are you saying? Don't you know that.....?"
  • "Yaar!.. It appears you have no other work!" 
  • "Hi! Don't you have some common sense?"
One evening, as usual the gentleman took his 3 yr old grand child for play in the Apartment Complex.. The child was too playful, was talking aloud all along and in the process just entered unknowingly the front yard of the ground floor Apartment..

  • “Hi! Silence Please.. I'm at work and getting disturbed!” 
was the curt comment from the Resident of the Apartment thru’ the window when the continuous talk of the Little One was distinctly heard.. The gentleman instantly felt shocked with such a comment but could say nothing there as.. No doubt the child had truly disturbed the man at work!

He instantly remembered an instance of a few children making great noise in his Apartment Complex corridor at his place when someone asked them move to the playground when unknowingly one child got injured thru a fall.. That was the limit..

Many critical comments were instantly out pointing out how wrong the man was in asking heartlessly the children playing not to disturb him and go away.. Had he forgotten the presence of God around him?

The man was instantly in ruptures..

  • “How much was I carried over by the polished attention shown here outward with many times the heart truly not doing that a 100%? May be, at my place the talk is not that polished and a few times a bit curt too but compared to the day to day hard life my people lead, definitely that reaction is 100% justified and in spite of that many times I see a helpful attitude alone there.. 
  • Where ever I may live, whatever life I may copy and however different I may behave, let me ever carry the feeling that  my Values and my Culture are forever Great!”
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  1. Yes Sir, love cannot be faked. Something in us identifies and recognizes love immediately, and it cannot be fooled by insincere gestures and words.

    1. Yes, Amit.. Rightly confirmed my Message.. Love is spontaneous and it'll never have a language barrier.. Thanks for the good comment here!

  2. Thanks Jyotirmoy for promoting the Post on G+!