Wednesday, December 14, 2016


A doubt was expressed in respect of consuming certain food even though kept under cold conditions..

The glutton thought..

"It’s a valuable food.. Very much required for us and we need a lot of it all the time.. If I forego this in the name of freshness and all that nonsense, I only have to buy it again.. Heard it was in fridge and low temps do preserve anything.. I can’t simply throw such stuff which is straight in front me!”

The Man of too many tastes thought..

“It’s my tastiest food.. We hardly get a chance to eat such foods.. How can I waste this one? It’s only a doubt expressed here, other wise everything seems to be alright.. Let me heat it up, add some more spices to it and make my best Lunch out of this.. Such foods should never be thrown!”

The greedy man thought..

“I already spent my precious money on this food and I can't throw it now.. Money doesn't grow on trees.. It’s only a small doubt here that the food was kept a little beyond.. No problem.. Many times, I consumed such foods and nothing happened.. Can’t waste monies in the name of all that freshness and the related talk.. Let me use it whatever others say!”

The principled man thought..

“We can't waste any food.. And, I say, it’s very much a sin to do so! Many around us are starving.. Let me see if I can make use of this in some fashion for consumption in smoother form and thus help in overall!”

The man of True Wisdom thought..

“I agree that we should never waste our food.. Yes! It is forever sacred and precious.. And our monies too are precious.. But seen the other side, my health and immediate safety too are much more precious.. So, let me not use it.. It’s better to allow to rot it outside naturally rather than inside my body.. Beyond, this body is like a Temple with me and the daily food with which I feed myself is like an Offering made to God.. Here forever,

  • Cleanliness, 
  • Freshness, 
  • Heat and 
  • Aroma 
are the required qualities of this Offering to God of this Temple with me..

Let me ever remember this, extend a similar discipline too outside, thus take care of safeguarding my future food, as well as the other life supporting elements and thus truly live a realistic life!”

Keywords: food, Offering, Temple, God, realistic life


  1. Thanks Jyotirmoy for promoting the Post on G+!

  2. Instead of consuming more food without a reason or acceptable logic, we can distribute the surplus to the real needy. Very nice post Sir.

    1. Rightly said Jindra.. And the right comment on the Post.. Thanks for the appreciation!

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