Monday, December 5, 2016


Long ago, a man migrated to a distant village in search of livelihood due to continued dry spell.. On the day he entered the new village, it rained heavily.. The villagers welcomed the new entrant with an initial belief,
  • "The Lady Luck sure had sent him to us!” 
The man felt a little pride in that recognition.. Days moved on..

The rains continued and soon the villagers had a bumper crop in their fields and good finances in their chests.. They celebrated the event with a firmed up belief,
  • "The Angel Fortune sure had sent him to us!"
The man got further elated with the praise and recognition.. More days passed..

Soon the villagers used to take blessings of the man and find solutions to their trivial problems.. Where they could not do so, they ascribed those few to their own fate without losing faith in their benefactor with an ultimate belief..
  • "The Village Goddess had sure sent him to us!"
The man was totally at ease and comfort in that status given to him.. Days never stopped moving..

Suddenly there was a devastating Epidemic in the village.. The villagers with great faith approached the man to help them out.. The man caught neck tight with their strong belief couldn't tell them that he could do nothing in the situation.. Feeling helpless, he used to pray God to save him from the situation..

The epidemic of course was never kind to the villagers and did its max damage.. People had to slowly recover from the disease and for while life was a hell for them with continued weakness and loss of wages.. In that period, one affected man shouted out,

“The new entrant had wished for all this so that he could take over us to rule.. I saw him praying to God many times during this period..
  • Sure the village Goddess had not sent him to us!"
Another sufferer said aloud,

"Had he not come to our village, we wouldn't have lost our health and finances like this..
  • Sure the Angel Fortune had not sent him to us!"
The third one cried thru'

"He had brought us the ill luck and ruined our life..
  • Sure the Lady Luck had not sent him to us!” 
And that new thinking invariably had its own support from many as they were in serious difficulty.. And there the man ultimately had to face the wrath of villagers without an exception!


  1. yah, we, the people have the habit to politicize by co-relating two different issues immediately. sometime illogical but time reveals the truth ultimately.
    very nice presentation.

    1. Rightly said, Jyotirmoy.. In all these, if I stick to the Truth part of it as much as possible, the better I would be in spite of a few slippages.. Thanks for the good comment here and thanks too for promoting the Post on G+!

  2. Loved the story and the message portrayed in it :)

    1. Thanks Purba for the appreciative comment here!

  3. A telling tale.We ascribe any setback to external causes to vent our frustration.

    1. You said it very much right, Indu.. The safe guard in any situation would be sticking to the Truth part as much as possible and that portion of Truth alone comes to our rescue when the situation becomes tough.. Thanks for a nice supportive comment here!